What was the best moment of your life

I have two best moments. One when I had a threesome. The other is when I was tripping out on such a high dose of ectasy and marijuana watching a movie. What about you guys?

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One summer when I had left off my meds and was hypomanic.

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When I realized I had a choice in my life.


For me it was the day I got married.

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No best moment. Great moments in different ways. Maybe my best moment will be when I die and realize my job this time around is done.

A threesome, lol. I can’t say that it hasn’t crossed my mind in 53 years! I had TWO best moments that were pretty much the same. It happened first in 2002 and then again in 2010. In 2002 i got a letter from Social Security saying that they under-payed me for a few years and that they were sending me a retroactive check. But they didn’t say how much. Two weeks later they sent me a check for $12,000! At the time I was broke and in fact I owed $3000.00 on a credit card. I payed off the credit card and then I bought my current car for $8000.00. It is a 2000 Chevy.
So 4 years ago I was online checking out my balance in my checking account. I thought I had a couple hundred in there but I saw a balance of $11,000! I thought it was a bank error. It turns out that Social Security had been under-paying me again so they put a one-time direct deposit of $11,000 into my account. I just spent the last of it 6 months ago.


Post withdrawn. …

meeting my wife and learning how to make the perfect creamy double shot capuccino. hooray !?!
take care


I’ve had two best moments of my life. One happened when I was a young boy and it’s just too cheesy to mention. But very important to me

The most recent one is when my sis convinced me NOT to sell my surf board with out hitting the water one last time. Getting out in the water and paddling around and getting away from shore, and being in the cool water on a hot day… and finding that joy and freedom again…

That was a great moment. That really helped me more then I would have guessed. I didn’t sell my board either.


Could have been a Gordon Lightfoot song.

I have a few great moments.

One was graduating college second in my class, with a 3.92 GPA. Even though I was in my prodromal period of schizophrenia.

The second was a spiritual experience I had in Glacier National Park a few years ago. I was hiking through the Canadian Rockies and standing on glaciers, just meditating on life and absorbing the positive energy.

That trip really changed my life. For the better. It showed me that beautiful moments can happen in life, even with schizophrenia.

Oh, and another was similar to @77nick77 , where Social Security paid me $12,000 in retroactive benefits!

I’m hoping for many more great moments. Not just for myself, but for all of you.



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I honestly can’t say for sure. The day I met my therapist I’ve been seeing for 4 years seems to stand out mostly. He was such an awesome person. He helped me so much, I’m sure I’d be worse off now without him.

I had the best time ever one night with a woman who I dated who also worked at the same place that I did. By your standards though, I suppose that it would be rated as nothing more than going to a movie or something.

Anyhow, the next day at work she handed me a Dear John Letter.

The most miserable moment in my life was the day that I received that Dear John Letter.

Thus I went from the best to the worst in only one day.

That was then end of dating. Approx year ->1987

For me my main one was when I first set my eyes on mountains, it was like I was awakened, I’ve been obsessed with mountains ever since yearning to climb them and setting my standards on higher mountains. I’m hoping I’ll get back among them in the next year now I’ve started personal training, I need my mountains, to walk among them and climb them.

Another was when I was in the depths of my prodromal symptoms, I had started not sleeping months prior, lost all sense of self and worth, hadn’t felt happy in a long time. I went on a school trip to South Africa and on the second day to last we just went and explored the scenery and geography; we wound up at the edge of the Blyde River Canyon and it was a glorious day I stood at the edge and just became overwhelmed with happiness, I felt free and I actually cried with relief, I vowed to be myself and that happiness was possible. It only lasted a few weeks after coming home when my uncle committed suicide and I was flown into my first delusion but I was happy and that’s been my definition of happiness since I became ill I’m just thankful I had that moment before my illness took over my life.

Another was very recently, I went on holiday to Norway and we went on an excursion into the middle of nowhere at -10 degrees Celsius there were Sami
tents and campfires but it didn’t really touch it, anyway it was to see if we could see the northern lights. The next day would be my 21st which I was dreading, even though I’m no longer actively suicidal I still sometimes wish I didn’t have to commit to another year, time passed that night and no sign of them until all of a sudden someone shouted and wisps of grey appeared until eventually turning green I was awe struck and so pleased when my mum whispered ‘happy birthday’ in my ear and I felt so blessed that I can keep fighting and it will be bloody good I know that’s interpreting a natural phenomena but that’s how I felt I feel connected to nature all I asked for that week was to show me something that life will be worth it and the universe answered.

I’m aware this is all nature connected but that’s what makes me, if I wasn’t schizophrenic people would say I’m a shaman. It what makes me happy! I like this thread…

One moment of beauty and simplicity shined through the dark confusion and turned on the WANT.

I think that is when things in my head turned around… when all of a sudden I got the WANT.

Nothing worked in my healing without the WANT.

Exactly, J! It’s amazing what a little spark of positivity can do :slight_smile:



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going to a star party with other amateur astronomers when I was 15 :smile:
Oh yes, and when I got married

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The best moment of my life was when I had my own apartment, a job, and a girlfriend.

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