What is the best experience of your life

I would say that mine was in 1988 when I still studied at the university and I had got a small stipend to visit Paris and its stock exchange. I was poor as I have always been, which is why this stipend enabled me to visit Paris. While I walked around in the city and went to the subway I heard a group of people playing guantanamera in the subway. This made me very happy.

The Berkshires 2007 to 2008 I have to say.

I used to say the summer of 97 but the summer of 97 left me feeling dead inside.

I am at a complete loss. I am coming up with nothing when I try to think of the answer to this question. It’s not that I haven’t had great experiences, I just can’t think of a best one.

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1985 Monkey Mia swimming with the wild dolphins.

Going to a star party with other amateur astronomers in 1999 when I was 15. That was awesome!!! My wedding was a close second.

when my daughter was born. it was awesome. judy


(in the near future)

This is not a good experience, but it was thrilling to work as temporary clerk at 52nd floor, right in the building of Petronas Twin Tower. (It is still the tallest twin tower)

in my mid twenties…very sick and working at a stressful job that I HATED. My family took my brother and I on a car trip to Fort Ticonderoga. It was our last vacation together. My dad had just bought Paul Simon’s recently released Graceland album and we listened to it over and over. At night I got up and went on the porch of the motel to have a cigarette. I walked all over the town barefooted and in my PJs It was a full moon --it was beautiful. Of course when I got back my parents were scared to death not knowing where I’d gone. It still was the best time I can remember…
and the birth of my daughter also…but that wa s a lot of work :smile:

A week leading up to and including mania and being a Yes person.

Even though I’m divorced I can still say my wedding day was the best experience of my life. Early in the morning I iced down all the bottles of high end champagne. All my life long friends and family came and we had catered Italian food and a superbly decorated wedding cake. Plus I was in love more than I ever had been. I don’t think of it very much since the divorce but it still shines as the best.

I don’t have an overall best…there are lots of events and they are very diverse… I guess a couple that would rank right up there would be watching northern lights in all their colors and for a long time in August 1982 and again in November 2004.
Meeting the girl I’m with now…meeting my wife in 2003…sliding down waterfalls in Yosemite park in 1976…
Being aboard an interdimensional spacecraft in 1999 and meeting real interdimensional entities…
Just too much stuff to pick one only !

Well I had to move my senior year of highschool, so I’d have to say one of the best experiences of my life was my parents allowing me to go back to the state we used to live and have a 2 week vacation with my 2 best friends there to Cancun. It was fantastic. I had dreamed of going there since I was 12 and it was everything I had always wanted. Every moment of it was amazing. Whether it was sitting on those white, white beaches or snorkeling, getting my first ever massage by some handsome natives on the top of one of the resort buildings overlooking the ocean, lying back on a catamaran we took out to an island, ziplining through the jungle, visiting an ancient Mayan ruin. The list goes on. It was hands down one of the best times of my life, if not the best time so far.

I scored 65.000 points in Ms. Pacman. I got through TWO red screens successfully! I ate TWO bananas worth 5000 points apiece.

My best experience is to held hands,spend time with a girl,just happened recently

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Wow - what a view from up there.

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Now that I think about it, it was probably my first year of college. Everything was going right. I was stable, learning, being productive, and having a blast. I absolutely loved it.

It all went to hell after that first year, but for a year it was awesome.

First time I was on my own, with no financial help from my mother and no reason to bear her cruelty. I was in France, the air smelled like Mediteraneean sea, I sat on my bed, watched the sun and felt so free. Also, the first swim I took with no attention to gender (topless, if you will). It was evening, the water was calm, the sun was a bit sideways like in James’ pictures and I felt and acted like a free dolphin. After that a guy stopped me looked at me (he was an Arab) and told me, in French: “je t’ai regardé. Tu es la premiere femme!” and then went out of his way to assure me that he wanted absolutely nothing from me.

F**k that guy,I would kick his butt and swear as I do that

I have two days. When my sons were born. If I can chose only one I’d say the youngest boy. The labour process was so easy. He was born 45 minutes after coming to the hospital. No anasthetics. I was clear minded and “there”, focused on my breathing.

First boy was a haze. I was so tired and fatigue I fell asleep during the process. The doc had to pull him out.