What was i so worried about?

I went to therapy today, it went well. she didn’t mention hospitalization which is good. She wants me to make out my chore list step by step. I can do short chores but I can’t do long drawn out chores. I told her about the possession thing, she said sounds like my mother in law got to me. I was able to snap out of it. We talked about phillip the new voice, she asked if he was different from the others. I said yes in that he whispers more than the others. And him whispering causes the other voices to whisper about me.

Found out that my psych eval is going to be over Skype since the doctor they want me to go through is only in another location.


Skype looks like fun.

i’m worried about that now, but i’m not to the point of freaking out. I just hope it goes well, I have until the 16th of march to think about it. I am allowed to bring someone in there with me. so I asked my partner to come in with me, she said she will try. My therapist wants me to get a case manager but my partner doesn’t want me to get one.

I got a case manager and she helps me with alot of stuff. She even takes me to get my meds or grocery shopping if i need to

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I had a case manager at one time but my partner didn’t get along with her,

oh man that sucks i am sorry

it’s not anyone’s fault but theirs.

thats true 151515