Went to therapist appointment went well

i went to the therapist appointment, she said i need to stop trying to gain approval of everyone including the in laws and my parents. my partner said that the only one i should i be trying to get approval of is her. i have been hearing voices, and seeing things. i have heard the gremlins but i haven’t see any which i don’t know what that means. the therapist said i need to work on my anxiety and if it continues to be too much and i start having panic attacks more than she wants me to talk to my pdoc.

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It’s good advice overall! But mention the breakthrough symptoms and anxiety to your psychiatrist next time you see them anyway.

I had a panic attack today at the clinic cause a lady there felt her son’s illness trumped everyone else’s and she should have been allowed to cut

Sorry to hear that :frowning_face:

one of the ladies up front at the registration desk calmed me down, she kept telling me breathe in breathe out. it helped. one of the ladies at the desk told the rude woman, “almost everyone here is sick, we will try to take care of your son in just a minute”

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