So my vioces keep saying i messed up

I am mainly really nervous about my next therapy appointment. Mainly cuz two of my friends are going with me. Not in the room, but in the waiting room. They don’t like each other at all. And my voices won’t shut up about it. And i am really scared my besties will be at each others throats, while in the waiting room. As well as the fact i might get a new dynoises do to me not fully telling my therapist all my delusions and hulsanations frist off in the beginning. So i am really dreading Halloween. I keep getting overwhelming thoughts that i might lose my friends and my voices won’t quite talking about to ether…
Sorry for the vent post. I just been dealing with alot lately.

Why are you bringing both your friends if they don’t get along?

I’d cut down on your stress and only bring one friend,

You have enough on your plate without them bickering.

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They both want to come with and support me even, if they don’t like each other.

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