What type of hallucinations do you guys deal with?

I hear other people talk when someone I’m talking to is talking and they change there voice when they do talk, only in the left ear. I also feel people or spirits enter my body then I start having breathing problems, and they talk to me through the tv like its live and insults me but its prerecorded. They’re mostly on my bed where I sleep then they give me a sudden burst of energy when I try to sleep, my sleeping pattern is always off because of that. I also always see people having sex for some reason whenever I close my eyes and random faces nothing else, only a rare slight glimpse of people playing video games or watching tv…Anyone else go through that??


I’ve got the most evil demons that give running commentary on damn near everything I do. Some just seem like self doubt but some condescending. Even guilt trip me for things I never did. Like calling me a crackhead or screwup of some sort.


Yes they are very judgemental they think they’re so superior but still makes stupid mistakes, guess misery needs company? They comment on me too and relay everything I say to other people for some reason using my voice…

Once i saw a couple of gypsies having sex in the beach. After a second or two the image disappeared and there was left only one tree. Lol.
Very often i have visual hallucinations in one eye only.

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Thats really interesting lol I see people in both of my eyes

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Yes, i have seen moving landscape as from
a train. I saw trees, mountains etc.
From the one eye.

I see colours from one eye also.
It’s like a stroke

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Just music these days, that’s about it, and other than that I luckily don’t have to deal with anything else.

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When I hear voices a lot of the times they have characters that will appear in my minds eye. Sometimes they are mythical gods and sometimes they are aliens.


I have a complex system of beings, saints,
gods, prophets, demons etc.

how do you know they are demons did they ever say, do they sound like a demon would sound

I honestly don’t just their negative and seem to come from within.

how do their voices sound are they normal voices, do they ever trick you and be nice at all

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They sound like me, you can’t tell the difference between the nice and the bad by voice.


I get very strong intrusive thoughts while hallucinating, mostly just related to how im worthless basically

I sometimes think Im in a play and people are actors and my voices are the audience. I never act according to anything I dont deem rational unless I get really bad for whatever reason

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They do things thats not human like talk to me through electronics and overwrite there voices onto the the audio files without using software, and they say things that happens to me before it happens, some kind of time traveling demons or advanced humans keeping there powers and existence a secret?? I don’t know… one time they made me sound demonic when I was mad at them…

@seemore3434 they sound like normal people but act and sound like the things they do is normal for them

@zwolfgang I feel the same way, I have a audience of people watching and judging me constantly, they have secret agendas to use me for bad things against the people they hate by trying to brainwash me by saying the same thing whenever I do a certain thing, like for example if I go to the kitchen and look in the cabinet and look at a popcorn packet someone will say cook the popcorn every time, they act kind of like robots…

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Thats interesting. Mine act like theyre just constantly watching me on cameras or something or listening to me. Its easy to spot at least

Yes it seems like they’re using electronics to watch what we are doing

I have had all kinds of hullucinations but yours interests me the most. I believe its someone with telepathic powers doing this to me and i could always hear his voice at first so I know it was my old best friend that now hates me doing this to me but i did find out i could hear what was around him when he first started messing with me. I think you could be watching your attacker have sex and playing video games that would be interesting wouldnt it.