What type of hallucinations do you guys deal with?

That’s my belief, just normal people that figured it out, they all team up together to make “normal” peoples life’s miserable because there’s nothing we can do about it unless we learn it as well.

My visuals r the vilest most childish hell deserving like some stereotypical cartoon white guys from like the 80s pretend to watch me from like up in the room n insert the John Lasseter looking guy making the most demonic grinning faces when I see a woman or thought all day long kinda thing. They talk nasty into my ear pretending to be the perverted tormentors n just enfuriate me. They want me to fight them all day long where they can’t be touched n feel their juvenile wrath like I’m a pow n their torture pit n they’re Satan’s privates trying to win a medal for their country of hell. Lol
The auditory hallucinations are my friends from elementary school possessed annoying voices n personality they can like know what I’m going to think n say what I’m going to think over me at the same time as me thinking it loudly into my head to torture me. It’s also my little cousin brina who’s like 30 as a demonic little sassy abhorrent girl saying demanding sexual things to make me insane in the membrane lol she’s repeatedly yelled into my head to go to the emergency room evily when Amy poehlers voice was yelling the n word over n over into my head. I went. Lol they are the wickedest
Unspecial sith

I hear sounds and a guy’s voice. Once in awhile I will see a shadow or something.

give your voices love. fighting them won’t make them go away

Welcome to the forum! I’m sorry you have to deal with those intense hallucinations… I deal with a lot of visual auditory and tactile. I go through closed eye hallucinations too, particularly at night after a stressful day. Do you take any medication if you don’t mind me asking?

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That’s awful.
I understand that hallucinations some times comment on the person; if the hallucinations did that, I would feel really bad.

I would keep in mind if their saying that, they want you to react back to them or react to their self esteem smashing ways.

Hopefully they move on to another topic or the medication works.

They could be working to give you paranoia to react badly or “snap”.

Work through the false belief or contact your pdoc before it gets too bad.

A lot of you are experiecing the voices try and create paranoia, which literally feeds the false beliefs / false judgements.

Stay strong!
Work through this, so you don’t stress yourselves out.
Contact your pdoc before “snapping” or exploding with anger or hate or violence.

Normally a young girls voice. Comes across as a gobby 16 year old. I misinterepted “pedigree” off the tv last night as calling me a “pedophile” :frowning: I double checked when i re-wound the live tv stream.


@Wonder_Wolf yes it seems like everybody is keeping this big secret from us sufferers…

Think its advanced people abusing there powers, so evil and cruel

Thank you I have no need for medicine at the moment, don’t really need them because I’m used to the voices and hallucinations now

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Thanks, responding to them negatively seems to work more then being positive to them, they still insult and judge me when I am positive to them…

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Hate it when that happens, I’ve basically become deaf in a dumb weird way

I wouldnt give them the credit of calling them advanced, my attacker was just a druggie before he learned how to do this

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It can be just like that; you start to hear them but “not hear them”.
Try it like a Star Wars Jedi; letting it pass through you, as to not effect you.

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I hear derogatory, intrusive commenting all day. Everyday for several hours I hear people insulting me and trying to make fun of me. It’s a waste of mental space and has affected me tremendously.


Typical bully mentality, just cause they have the upper hand doesn’t mean they have to belittle everyone that don’t know how to do what they do, they will never be leaders….


I have no positive symptoms or hallucinations but have severe negative symptoms.

Visual, tactile, auditory, and sometimes olfactory.

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My voices are nice to me when I’m on my medication. I still don’t recognize them as real people though, any more than my dreams are real.

I’ve never had hallucinations. I use to have severe delusions before meds though.