What type of eater are you?

  • omnivore
  • vegetarian
  • vegan
  • pescatarian
  • other

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just curious how the forum eats.

I’m back to being vegan for health reasons, I developed elevated cholesterol in just one year away from a plant based diet.

also I’m being influenced by the research about the centenarians in lorna linda California, many of whom are 7th day Adventists who have ate vegetarian vegan diets all these years.


I pretty much eat whatever I want, be it from livestock or plants, and my last lipid panel came back great; my blood pressure is good, too, so I don’t have to worry about salt intake, either. I suppose I’m fortunate in that sense. I do make some effort to include some high-fiber foods, like eating shredded wheat for breakfast, rather than a sugary cereal, and drink mostly plain water, not a whole lot of pop/soda, but in general if it tastes good I’ll eat it.

I try to have some sense of moderation with how much I eat, but lately I haven’t been so good about that; I’ve gained twenty pounds since December.


I’m an omnivore.
Meat, veggies etc…

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i was raised an omnivore.

for 28 years then i went vegan for 4 years

then one year with fish and some other stuff

now back to vegan. i’d be vegetarian but still to this day if i consume milk or cheese i get a pimple so I’m a strick vegan.

was working on my meal plan last night. basically i eat a rich diet, but i eat the same thing every day. I like to simplify my life and my time in the grocery store. i got to say, it’s kinda embarrassing to be the only one at the cash register getting rung up for all these different veggies

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Good for you for going Vegetarian @Lifer.
I couldn’t stick to it, believe me I tried.

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