What type of cellphone you have?

I have a very basic Samsung phone, got it at a flea market, paid three euros, quite inexpensive.

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iPhone 6 :telephone_receiver:

Sony Xperia z3. A bit high end, but I bought it because I do landscape photography as part of my biz and this phone had – at the time – the best-integrated camera on the market. I’ve already made back the purchase price selling prints of a couple of images I took using it.


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I have also Nokia C2 that I use to take photos and videos, I successfully broke its SIM-card location so I can not use it to make calls.

Only a couple?!?!?!?! @.@

Iphone 6 here

I usually travel with a higher-end dSLR. My smartphone is mainly used for family pics. Here’s one of the prints I sold:



Nice, Your photos look pretty pro man. Good job.

Nice photo, very clear.

i have an htc phone, its new and pretty cool, i had a huiwei before that and it was cheap for what i got, i sold it to my sister and she also threw in a stunt bike that needed fixing so we are all happy now, my sis gave her old phone to her son bc his broke, the bike was a bonus.

Tracphone LG 350. Buy minutes once a year last all year long! No monthly bill.

Nokia Lumia 520 with Windows Phone 8.1.

A Nokia C1-01 and a Blackberry. At the moment I am using the Nokia. It has the old fashioned buttons, but also the colour screen, music, videos and photos, so its adequate. Its been a good phone for me. I bought it in 2012. The Blackberry my husband gave to me in 2013, I use it mainly for photos and videos now.

An iphone 5s. Apple for the win.


Nokia Lumia 530 windows phone

iPhone 6. :smile:

Iphone 6 like it alot

I have a Nokia Windows Phone, but I’m too computer stupid to take a picture of it for you.

Same. I’m not a photographer. I just thought it was pretty. Takes excellent pictures, though, and is great for listening to music.

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I’ve got a HTC One

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