What TV/movie character death impacted you the most?

Another movie question.

Was there a death in TV and film that really got to you?

Mine is Cyril O’Reilly from Oz.

It definitely was a factor in my first major episode and I had to be hospitalized.

Funny how these fictional people get in your head.

RIP Cyril:



losing Heath Ledger was pretty traumatic for me…I loved him.

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The only one that springs to mind is a movie called “hanger 18” , a 70s movie about ufos.

About 75% of the way through, one of the stars in it gets killed. I was pretty young when I saw it and thought “wow, i didn’t realise the stars of movies could get killed in movies”.

Here’s the whole movie !


John Wayne in The Cowboys. I watched this as a kid and was a big John Wayne fan then, and the part where he gets killed kinda bothered me. It was methodical. Besides, John Wayne isn’t supposed to die!! What the hell??


Aww! Poor Cyril got to me too. Dude didn’t know what was happening the second time they strapped him in.

I was happy when Schillinger was knifed. I like the actor but I hated the character.

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You know Cyril and Ryan are brothers in real life, right?

Dean Winters (Ryan) was so excited about the execution scenes because he knew how much his brother, Scott (Cyril) loved his hair.

I’m sure you remember he got to shave it all off for him.

That’s kind of funny to me and reminds me that it’s just a fictional story and they are real dudes still living their lives.

And yes, I was very happy when Tobias finally got Vern.

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The death of Kurt Cobain got to me.
I took it pretty hard.

I was also affected by Anthony Bourdain’s suicide.


I have mixed feelings on the character Chris and even more mixed feelings on Beecher though the feelings I had about Beecher changed after his son died.

I love Nikolai :grinning:

Yup! I knew of the Winters Bros. Apparently Dean lost a finger or two so they have to hide it when he does commercials.

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Oh don’t get me started on the Oz talk!

I loved Simon.

When he died I almost lost my ■■■■ too,

But you could see his death coming and so I was semi prepared.

I had so many Oz crushes.

Chris Keller was so, so sexy.

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I’ve never been affected by a death of someone famous. It’s sad for sure, but that is where it ends for me, I don’t get personally involved.

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I guess I should have been more specific in my OP,

I meant fictional characters, not real people.


Oh, when they killed off Data in Star Trek Nemesis. I never saw that coming, that was kind of a shocker. I didn’t cry or anything like that but I was a little upset, he was one of my favorite characters.

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I was also really upset and cried when they killed Omar Little on The Wire.

But it was also the last episode, I believe, so I was sad anyway.


Haha! I’ll simmer down then. But whenever you want to chat about Oz I can go all day.

Regarding the OP.

My first heart wrenching scene would be Titanic when Jack gets let go. I don’t care for DiCaprio so much but that part gets me every time.

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The astronaut from that movie plays Michael j fox’s dad in teen wolf!!

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I’m glad to have found a fellow Oz fan!

No one else I know likes it.

I don’t know why, there are like SO MANY dicks to be seen.

I loved it whenever someone got thrown in the hole because you knew you were going to get to see their dick.

I was going through puberty at the time,

So it was quite interesting.

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Now don’t you get me started.

Didn’t like seeing Chris Keller’s ■■■■■■■ though. :joy:

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I rememeber this guy was crying and came up to me and asked for a cigarette. I asked what was wrong and he explained to me that robin williams committed suicide. He’s a real person but has played many fictional characters. It was devastating and made me so sad.

But as for fictional I rememeber when Omar from the wire got shot! Terrible

Geez you’re kidding ! That’s a cool bit of trivia !

I Almost cried during the movie Ted when he got ripped in half!