Quotes of the Week

"So I whipped it out in the car, and asked her to marry me."


Let’s save this thread for the accidentally funniest, thoughtful, poignant…etc… statements of the week on this forum.

Sometimes quotes get lost in the shuffle. I thought a thread like this could highlight some of the hidden gems of this site on a weekly basis.

(I’m sure @chordy will make this list more than once!)


I won’t quote the whole conversation,

But @ThePickinSkunk and I had an in depth talk about Oz and the dicks associated with it.

It was pretty fun and hilarious.

Always happy to meet a fellow fan.


“Yeah, I have an old man - my father.” said to a guy when I didn’t know the slang of it.

I was at edc vegas 2012, I met a girl with a shirt that said “I’ll teach you how to f*ck” and my back then confident mohawked self said “I’ll break you in half”
Ah the good ol days, now I can barely look a girl in the eyes and speak at the same time.