What triggered your full blown schizophrenia?

My trigger were 2 things - having panic disorder starting in childhood and dropping a strong hit of mescaline - acid?
in college - What triggered your full blown schizophrenia/SZA?

Ongoing abuse that lasted years.

stress. my parents dying, work, my crazy ex husband

An instant environment change leading to an insane identity crisis, extreme guilt and regret, then verbal abuse from a mentally ill father.

My lifelong struggle with anxiety and finally the stress that went hand in hand with my failed marriage led to my delusions and paranoia. Not that I blame my ex for my MI.

My illness came on so slowly starting at age 5, I don’t think it had a specific trigger. Every year I felt a little further away from everyone else. I did get a little more out there after our house fire and burn unit stay.

I was naïve about what could happen to a young woman living alone.

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Several bad acid trips triggered mine. But when I got put into the hospital it grew exponentially worse. I was 19.

Anxiety attacks I suffered throughout my teens, and leaving school and not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. Then my relapse in 2012 was caused by my getting married.

Since my negatives appeared way before my positives, I know there wasn’t a major trigger. I think there was just a lot of little stressors that catalyzed it.

Then there’s the bipolar aspect of things. I’m sure manic or depressive episodes worsen the SZ too.

Like a car with every bolt being vibrated loose, things will probably keep gettting screwier until I fall apart.

Mine had many triggers the ones that started off delusions and intermittent voices was trauma/assault, other forms of assault that I’m not sure about, my uncle’s suicide, bullying but my main one by far was admission to hospital I just went downhill, they put me on olanzapine that just made me a zombie, didn’t work otherwise I went into my own world full time, then when they took me off it too quick I had my full blown break that left me how I am today, they didn’t believe a word I said or didn’t recognise it and didn’t treat me correctly which left me with permanent symptoms until I was put on chlorpromazine which reduced symptoms thank god but it’s only now a year and a half later that I’m waking up, let’s hope it stays that way.


I do not know, I just started hearing voices from the Devil in 1998, which then became worse and I started hearing voices from Bill Clinton and other politicians, the mind is so complex which eventually lead to some activities such as driving around Atlanta to counter the satellite surveillance, the mind is so complex. I suppose environmental factors and stress.

smoked some marijuana laced with something (who knows)

I think that’s the main trigger

Also a lot of stress, parents splitting up

relationship stress and lsd, shrooms, and weed

marijuana, pot, weed, cannabis

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stress from work, stress from bills then losing my job. Finally getting kicked out of our trailer by a piece of ■■■■ land lord (pardon the language) I saw blood on my hands I thought I killed my landlord. Two weeks after moving back in with my parents I got put in the hospital.

Mine came slowly over 1 year or more. Maybe too much thinking, too much work. Stress.

Abusive relationship and LSD. Not sure about the weed though, But definitely the LSD.

death of a loved one triggered the psychosis.