Was there anything you believed

Was there something in your life that you believed triggered your illness? Something from childhood or something that you believe, if it didn’t happen, may have prevented you from becoming Ill or to a lesser degree? My schizophrenic friend believes hers was due to being molested as well as smoking a lot of weed as a teen.

I was mentally crumbling at a very very young age. I reached for drugs AFTER my symptoms showed up. There was a house fire when I was young, but I don’t think that caused anything. An all consuming fire is one of my most persistent hallucinations.

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My mental health and my general health are good enough before I became a teacher. I felt something unwell inside of me that want to come out eversince I taught and work in school. I was told that my work demands put a lot of strains on the brain/CNS. Walking around a few classroom meeting group of students of different age, another psychologist says it is like you often run your car at the top speed and then damp it suddenly and change course. It hurts the brain and the body system.

So, my health takes a sharp change and it cannot return to the previous level of functioning.


I have a lot of trauma from childhood. And then I got into heavy drugs as a teen. I quit drugs to go to college to become a nurse. But then I started working 14-16 hour shifts for several days at a time.

That’s when my psychotic break occurred. I think it was a combination of the trauma, the drug use, and then the extreme stress of my job that triggered the break. Kind of like a perfect storm.

I know now just how bad stress triggers my symptoms. So I have to be vigilant in managing it. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has helped a lot. So have alternative medicine treatments.




I can check off molestation, being bullied, having a near death experience and smoking pot when I was 18. I think there is some definite truth to the psychoanalytic view of scz as a result of experiences. I fit the bill perfectly, but the thing about me is that schizophrenia runs in my dad’s side of the family. I learned this after I became schizophrenic and my mom did some research and found of that there have been multiple schizophrenics in the last couple of generations. I got unlucky to catch it, my sis has bipolar II, but everyone else in my family, all of my cousins and relatives are not mentally ill in any sort of way.

But to be short, yes, I believe my life experiences pushed me over the edge and into insanity. There were many unsolvable problems and broken dreams when I had my onset. My whole world fell apart, I had a testicle infection and my parents let me smoke pot as a painkiller, I couldnt workout because of it, and then my dad got demoted and I had to go to the local university for free instead of pay half price to go to a more selective university I got accepted to. I was also depressed, failing a class (which was absurd for me) and I was just giving up on life, smoking pot and waiting for time to pass. I think I just snapped and went insane, I couldnt take what had become of me. I went from being a headstrong A student and muscle bound kid who was destined to join ROTC to a pot addict with all sorts of problems. I just couldnt accept what was happening, and all I could do was try to keep my ■■■■ together at school and then smoke pot to get rid of the pain. Thinking back, I needed painkillers. I managed to make a C in the class I was failing and graduated with honors, and kept my GPA above 3.0. But it was too late- I began my onset right before spring of that year, and I was fully psychotic by graduation, hallucinating a whole lot.

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yes. i was raped at age 15 by someone famous and it was covered up through torture and pain hypnosis for years. to b honest i don’t know whether i’m ill as a result of that treatment or not. i also smoked pot for 10 years and that made me paranoid as ■■■■. wish i’d never touched the stuff now.


I remember suddenly being confronted with my first love and her new boyfriend. This tipped the scales.

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