What to do with life?


i cannot achive anything asnd will never achieve


Work,get money,get laid :heart_eyes:


i cannot do any of that


Sleep, rest turn around and change into a better position when its to uncomfortable.


I don’t know myself what to do with my life.
I always get reminded of the beatles song “let it be”


i think youre just depressed bro. You sounded kinda manic a few weeks ago now depressed.


what is manic ?


if i were depressed then anti depresants would help bnut they do nothing to me


Manic is when you ride the wave of life. Depression is when you get thrown off and drown under the wave. That is how i see it.


manic is when youre super excited and depressed is when youre super down all of a sudden


you may have elements of bipolar to your disorder


But I was hallucinating all the time when was psychotic


Reason, purpose, self esteem
Use your reason to find your purpose and your purpose will give you self esteem


I think there may be an element of truth to this @5p00ky_1n_w0nd3RL4nD