Is it too late?

I had a lengthy mania and having a lengthy depression. The thoughts are not stable. Feel like i want to be alone most of the time. Not sure if others would understand me. Most of the time i sense people are irritated with me. I am taking my medication and undergoing psychotherapy.

Anyways i reckon it is too late for me to be social again. The guilt is too much to handle because of mania. Is it too late to lead a normal life or not?

Its never too late to live life. You do and be you. Try not to dwell on past mistakes or else youll get pulled down. Try it in small steps if you arent ready for a full plunge.


I have strong sense of lethargy to do activities and talk about daily life and present. What could motivate me to do it? self-help books? mind related games?

Maybe try going for walks, multivitamins and focusing on nutrition for a start?

Doing positive gestures for yourself like meditation and relaxation. Exercise and such too. Also developing a sleep routine is good.

Just the usual stuff to start


It’s never too late and there’s simple rules and strategies for communicating with others. Don’t give up. If your not happy talk to your doc about adjusting your meds. I’ve done it numerous times. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it was a failure but I always strive for best function on the pills I can get.

It’s a marathon and not a sprint. You get better over weeks and months but you keep trying! Fight it!


Thanks for some valuable insights. I am fighting and will fight. Medication i have is fine for now. All i need is psychotherapy. And some motivation to do things.


I know how you feel. Things can be embarrassing when manic. People probably aren’t irritated with you but if you feel like that I understand wanting to be alone. You won’t feel that way forever. I bet it’s a phase your brain is going through. I’m giving myself time to heal before I even think about trying to be social.

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