What to do noiw

i read 5 pages of a book. now i am tired reading more need to meditate…but its complicated need to talk to you guys

meditate then… 1652829020e7

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when I meditate voices get louder. I used to meditate a lot.


i can meditate couse i dont have vcs

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meditate then by all means. it’s good. you can obtain omniscience just by meditation. you can learn your essence by meditation.

Music drowns them out a good bit. The stupid Visions, too. Something about the music they don’t like. Noise cancelling headphones.

tv stops them for me. and now meds have kicked in and I no longer hear them.

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I meditated for 15 min and wrote my expirience in notebook

good. I used to meditate for hours before sz. now I can’t do it.

Not even for 5 minutes , you can meditate buy sitting near river or watching into far away or watching candle burn

i can meditate for some minutes but not as I used to. I don’t know why. how was your meditation?

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It was not clear I was listening to drumming cd specially for this type of meditation then traveled to lower world and asked many questions imagined how my spirit guide gave some special abilities to me … I was feeling a lot of… it was fantastic

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