Who likes meditation

It would be cool to learn something

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Please don’t see this as an attack or a telling off, but wouldn’t you like to have a chat thread for all of your thoughts and such, instead of making a million threads?


The more is better

You should have spookys skatepark or something.

I don’t like meditation. Tried to get into it. Never say never but nope :-1: no meditation for me.

Ok don’t blame me I do what I want

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Do what you like but it’d be cool :sunglasses: to make a cool all spooky thread.

I love to meditate. The vast majority of the time, I can meditate without any problem. But, occasionally, I hear voices and then I cannot meditate at all. I don’t worry about it. I generally don’t do guided meditations. I don’t consider that real meditation. I just do breathing meditation.


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