What to do about Prolactin Levels?

So I have been on Invega for almost 2 weeks, just started on 12mg a couple days ago. I’m wondering what to do about Prolactin. Does Invega always raise Prolactin? Should I get my level tested to see if it’s high? And if it’s high, should I take something to lower the Prolactin levels or should I wait to see if I have any symptoms? I’m just worried now that I’ll start lactating and that’s a scary thought!

Also how quickly does Invega raise Prolactin levels? Is it immediate or does it take weeks/months?

ahhh, that’s one reason I switched from Risperdal to Invega,

so you should be fine, but every body is different.

Adding abilify to the mix can help

The present study suggests that adjunctive treatment with aripiprazole reduces the prolactin concentration that had been increased because of risperidone treatment. The effect occurs even when a low dosage (3 mg/d) of aripiprazole was used and achieves a plateau at dosages beyond 6 mg/d.