Addition of abilify to invega treatment

Does adding 2mg of abilify to current invega treatment will reduce the prolactin levels?
If it reduces prolactin does it reduce to almost normal or it will remain above normal?

I believe so.

I’ve no idea.

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Does anyone taking abilify and invega/Risperidone combination .Would like know your prolactin levels.

@qwerty is “taking a break” but she’s currently taking 2mg going up to 5mg of abilify for prolactin.

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Yes. I am on abilify with paliperidone for prolactin. My prolactin was just over 2000 I have to go back in a couple of months to see what it will be then since being on abilify.

I’m only on 2.5mg at the moment but it’s foing to go up to 5mg.

So far it’s not helped. But apparently it can take months for the levels to go back down.

I’m on 10 mg abilify with Invega 234


@ZombieMombie . Does 10 mg abilify will reduce the prolactin to normal ?
what dose of abilify needed to get prolactin to normal?

I have no idea. I’m not a doctor nor know any of that.

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