What tips wiould you have for a budding pdoc

what tips would you have for a budding pdoc

If you don’t genuinely feel for people with mental illness, don’t take the job.


I asked him, Why don’t you come to rural Iowa?

He said nothing, then changed the subject.

They never want you to talk about them.

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I miss my cpn.he was perfect for me at the time.
Some of his strong points were being open minded and asking a lot of appropriate questions. Also he had a funny sense of humour.

I will email him the day I get a job! So that he can be proud of me, and know that I haven’t forgotten him


Keep up on information about new drugs, and keep soft, cute stuffed animals on your desk.

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Read R. D. Laing.

First: Listen.
Second: Listen
Third: Listen

Not a great example to follow,

If you want to get well.

@NotSeksoEmpirico…is that the scottish pdoc with a different perspective?

Are you a budding pdoc, with a mental illness. If so people will be able to relate to you.

Precisely, but we’re not allowed to discuss it on this forum.

His work remains admittedly controversial but there is a lot worth rescuing from it. Condemnation is no substitute for debate.

I’m not saying all his theories are trash.

I see you mention him a lot and just don’t think it’s healthy for your recovery.

A budding pdoc needs to figure out the formulaic steps that a schizophrenic’s delusions go through. Like the crazy random worldview, ideas of reference and how they work, running inner narrative, sometimes thought broadcasting stuff, like just read enough case studies to “get” the overall issue so you can say something punchy and push through the crazy frame and bring them back to reality faster.

15%-20% max. ,…

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