What time do you go to sleep daily?

    1. 8pm-9pm
    1. 9pm-10pm
    1. 10pm-11pm
    1. 11pm-12am
    1. 12am-1am
    1. Beyond 1am

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I have been going to sleep at about 8-9pm for the last couple of months.

For me I prefer the early time (Waking up at 4am) than the evenings.

My mood plummets in the evening after work.

Would say I feel much better at this time in the morning, but truth is I am not firing on all cylinders, and I prefer that.

I basically spend between 4am - 8am before work smoking, drinking coffee and listening to music.

Some times I will call the helpline if I want to talk to someone


I became a night owl after getting on meds but for some reason when I go inpatient my schedule reverts back to normal I’m guessing from the scheduled meal times

I go to bed at 7 pm.

i go to bed between 22:00 and 23:00

Lately it’s 11pm and I sleep 10 hours. :fox_face:

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I have to actively fight to stay awake past 8pm. If I fall asleep that early I’m awake at 4am. I try to stay up til around 11pm so my 8 hours puts me at 7am.

I like going to bed at 7 pm

That’s early? @Cloudd3ad 151515

i go to bed at midnight. in the summer it doesn’t get dark until 10pm or later. i can’t fall asleep in the daylight. so i stay up until midnight and sleep until 8am.

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