What the hells for lunch

that again oh well.


Looks filling…! I’m on a calorie controlled diet now so I couldn’t have something like that unless I knew the calories in it.

i know it takes the fun out of things, but makes you wiser in what you eat. feel the meal come to the fat side. or count your self in to history. take your pick. i know its hell.

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we are going to have gumbo soon…not today…but soon…that and biscuits and sausage cream gravy…

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Its about winning. On 100mg I have the slightest stress. I also talk to myself a lot in public and have had outbursts but i like that. I can see that quetiapine does not produce a normal mental effect I have had real glimpses into how other people see things I am exposed to thousands of them on a daily basis i live outside practically. They are paranoid the average person there mind filled with evil and talking and thinking shi*t about others i want to retain my hatred of humans on 125mg but have the antidepressant effect secured more. But i now know that this quetiapine does not make you feel normal infact it makes you the opposite of the sick squirming masses.

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