Too stressed out to eat

I’ve just been drinking water all day.

Can anyone give me some tips or help on what to do?


Put on some headphones and listen to music. That’s what I’m doing and it helps.


Do you have anything to take for anxiety ?


Sounds good, thank you Everhopeful.

Yes, I have hydroxyzine and my ap, Loxapine.

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Have you got any cool books lately?

They had a very cool guest on Coast to Coast last night, Mitch Horowitz.

Check out his books, I think his work will really interest you.

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I can only listen to audiobooks and can’t read which is a pity as that guy sounds right up my street !

I’m currently listening to this :

I read it back in the 90s and thought it was brilliant. But now that I’m listening to it when I’m older and wiser I wonder if it’s just new age babble. Lol.

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What is stressing you? :frowning:

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LOL @everhopeful Yeah a lot of metaphysical thought gets kinda mixed in with the new age movement.

@zeno I just got through eating! My paranoia was just really bad from the walk I went on. I’m considering explaining to my Pdoc that I think I should be treated more for my sz traits as opposed to my depression.


Are you feeling any better, homie?

Did you eat something yet?

I really don’t know how to just make yourself eat,

We all know I get stoned all the time, so I don’t think I’ve ever had that problem.

However, of course, I don’t recommend getting stoned, as your paranoia will probs skyrocket.

Is there anything at all that sounds good?

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Hows loxapine been as an ap? How many times a day do you take it (half life is 4 hrs).

Do you suffer from any movement related side effects?

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@anon54386108 Hey amiga, I’m feeling a lot better. Thank you. I ate some thanksgiving left-overs and my mama dropped off a present for me :smiley: .

@Andrew Loxapine treats me fairly well. I forget how many milligrams I’m on. But I take 4 capsules at night and it really helps me sleep. :sleeping:

And thankfully I don’t suffer from any movement side effects. Hope this helps.