What symqptoms do you have

What symptoms do you have even on meds? I was recently put on a combination of the Haldol Dec shot with zyprexa, amongst other meds, and I still have symptoms, especially at night. I feel like I am spencil because I see shapes, I like to refer to them as spirits, I see good and bad spirits, and I can feel bad sir it’s touch me. This is very traumatic for me, thankfully it does not happen too often anymore since they totally changed my meds around. I can still hear voices, both good and bad, UT like the spirits, the voices are much less now.
Another question, for those people that are helped so much from the meds that the voices are gone are almost gone, are you lonely without them? For me, on the days that my head is unusually quiet, I feel lonely and sad. I am just curious if anyone else feels like I do.

Ptsd, ocd, maladaptive daydreaming, false memories, over analyzing… Every day , every hour i cary this symptoms, but since my symptoms are similar to those illnesses but not exactly, pdocs cant figure out what it is.

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My symptoms now…i hear chatter in the evening I have a demon following me and laughing at me. Whispers in my ears. I believe ppl don’t like me. It feels like sky will come down and crush me when I’m outside.

only inner voices. they have been omnipresent for about two months now but that’s ok. no i don’t miss them when they’re quiet at all. they’ve always been nasty so it’s not something i miss when they disappear for few months. meds don’t make a blind bit of difference as to whether i hear voices or not/ sometimes they are present for months other times they are infrequent for a few months there is no pattern to it other than that which is triggered. it just is. i don’t see things or hear things outwardly, just have inner voices.

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I have nightly episodes. Voices mostly. When I see figures I just close my eyes and pray. Daytime episodes is what really messes with me. I don’t know how people suffering 24/7 keep on going. Voices are always negative but the volume is what really effects me. The louder the more intense. The softer, the more I try to hear what is being said. I’m on a bunch of meds, they help me sleep and cope.

paranoia(though less on medication) ,general and social anxiety,social interaction difficulties , lack of drive/,motivation, and thinking of/pursuing goals , over analysing,

voices - less often these days -
I’ve had that kind of spirits thing, sometimes, i thought it would be as good as i got but i’ve got a lot more well since then, and other than finding a better medication for me myself, i think that might be why…

i always thought i would be lonely without the voices, most of the time i don’t get them now
i don’t miss them, i thought i would, but it’s just peaceful and quiet, like the noisy neighbours finally shut up

There have been times when I thought that if everybody is out to get me I must be very important.

Social withdrawal and lack of motivation.

There are times my head is too quiet and it’s very disorienting. I do feel empty and off kilter when the voices go away. I’m not used to a quiet head. I’m learning though because I have a feeling as my brain heals… the voices will fade more.

I am on meds… I still get some huge anxiety attacks… stress triggered.
I do have a few voices… but they fade.
I have a weird tactile thing that no one else seems to have. But I learn how to get around it.
I do get hit with some random waves of paranoia and sneaky brained thinking.

but on the up side… I think my concentration and comprehension is getting better. I’m feeling more. I have emotions again. My motivation… still in waves… is getting much better then it was.

It’s not all bad. Some might say it’s not all good either… but it’s better then it used to be.

along with ativan and cogentin, i’m on that exact combination. how long has it been? it took a good four to six months for them to really work against certain symptoms. there are some that just don’t really go away. some voices…but they’re minor…and some ideas i have to very actively work to set aside. i can also get discombobulated more easily if i’m very stressed or low on sleep.

nighttime always sucks for me though. it’s always harder once the sun goes down. i don’t know exactly why, but for me, it is. i’ve adjusted my sleep schedule as a result.

anyway, since you said “recently put on…”, and i’m on the same combination, just posting to say that you might need to give it more time. i had to titrate up some amount with the haldol injections, too. so if it’s only been one or two months, you might not’ve arrived at the proper dosage yet.

OCD - Ruminations - Anxiety - ON OFF Mild Depression - Some Paranoia

Not on meds. My psychosis is very strange. I can always hear and speak with (inner) voices. I know who they all are. Some are good, some are evil, some are human, some aren’t. I have constant delusions. Paranoia. Visual and tactile hallucinations. Derealization and depersonalization. But even though it’s always there it’s like quiet, in the background unless I go into an episode. Episodes for me are triggered by my anxiety, and if I go into an episode everything goes to hell.

I can barely function at minimum capacity. I can’t pay attention in class or to my studies. It takes me hours to will myself to do anything. It also depends on the episode itself as well, sometimes they’re depressive and the world feels so ugly and I feel like I can’t go on another day. Mainly everything just feels surreal and weird. And the voices get LOUD and the evil ones get really aggressive and suddenly it becomes really difficult to look past my inner world to focus on this one. I get panic attacks every night because I fear for my life. I am scared every time I go out alone because I feel like something bad is gonna happen.

Basically episodes suck hard. But if I manage my anxiety and keep on top of it, I don’t get episodes and my life is almost normal. I think I’m winding down from an episode now, because I’m gaining more awareness, but with finals coming up I’m sure to spiral again.

My good voices all disappeared last week and it was one of the worst experiences I’ve had. They’re the ones who basically help me cope with this and get through life, and I was completely lost without them.

I don’t think medication is the best solution to psychosis…but for some people who can’t keep a separation between an inner and outer world like I’m luck enough to be able to do, they get consumed if they aren’t on it. :confused: I say unless you are completely floundering in staying a part of society, don’t take meds. They have very harmful long-term side effects, not all of which are even known, not to mention short term side effects. But for some they’re a necessary evil. (In my opinion anyways, other people have different ones)

Right now I’m battling depression. The situation I’m in has caused me a lot of stress (moved in with my brother-in-law because my wife lost her job). We are isolated in one room, and I miss having my own place DEARLY. Soon, hopefully, we will be able to move out of this shithole. And I hate Illinois weather after being spoiled by Arizona.

Other than this situational depression, I’m doing pretty well. Just fighting the isolation and stagnation.

I thought my family were all speaking in code, so I made absolutely no sense and couldn’t gather words properly when I responded to them. I was a mess with waves of paranoia, delusion on words said and what words meant. I don’t know, I’m glad it’s over. I’m assuming tomorrow will be different within my normal environment. All good now, just neutral.

Lack of motivation, lack of motivation, lack of motivation, deadness, and occasional voices. Agitation and anger outbursts when stressed a lot, but that’s fortunately rare.

Dear etre,
I havery been on this combo for about 3 months or so,and it seems to be a better combination than recent meds that I have taken, but I noticed you said you take Ativan with it is that because the comission causes you anxiety or were you experiencing anxiety to begin with? I asked for xaJax for anxiety but the process said no because I take very sthong pain meds and the combination would be too much. So for now, I suffer with anxiety. Ìwas see a psych nurse once a week and she feels that the Haldol Dec shot needs to be increased not only because of the sleep situation, but for voices.
Thanks for your response.

Isolation, lack of motivation, low self esteem. I used to have all the positive symptoms like hallucinations, voices and delusions, but that has cleared up for now.

hi kitty,

i do have a great deal of anxiety, yes. i have also been prescribed ativan at higher doses to stave off catatonia. i had an especially bad break awhile ago and that resulted in my being in long term care and having problems with slipping into it. apparently, counter to what i’d think if not experienced it, benzodiazepenes are useful for catatonia.

currently i’m on a slightly lower dosage and it’s more for anxiety.

i’ve had xanax PRN until quite recently and i’ve found there’s a difference in how my body reacts to it, versus ativan. xanax is good for me for panic attacks, but it’s too strong for me to take otherwise. it can stop a panic attack when it’s started though, for me, pretty quickly. i wouldn’t take it for more general anxiety personally.

with the haldol depot, i had mine increased at least twice during the first few months. i don’t know if you’ve had any increase, but mine got increased both in dosage per injection and frequency of injection. i’m embarrassed to admit i’m not 100% sure what my current dosage amounts to exactly, i know it’s less than 400 a month total, because that was the maximum i’ve taken, but i get it every other week. i have recently tried to back it down to 300, but i have less latitude in saying what it’s going to be because i’m on a court order for it currently.

i will say that when i first got it, it was something like 100 and it’s been a LOT more effective as it’s gone up some.

hope that helps and hope you’re sleeping better soon and that your voices go down if you get the increase.

Anxiety, depression, OCD, paranoia, mild hallucinations that are visual, auditory, and tactile, disorganized thought, I get easily overwhelmed by social situations or paperwork, some self-harming behaviors, occasional suicidal thoughts. This is with meds, without them the anxiety and depression, paranoia and hallucinations become much much worse, I self-harm regularly, and I’m almost constantly near-suicidal.