What suppliments do you take?

I’ve heard a lot of people talking about fish oil on here. What is it supposed to do? I want to ask my pharmacist about it.
What other supplements are supposed to be good for us? What do those do?
This has been my 4th or so med change this year. But I’m sza so there is depression to deal with there too (about half the changes are from the depression). I’m getting started on seroquel now (I’m still transferring over from Geodon and they are both in my system right now) and I swear I have seen someone walk by two doors out of the corner of my eye. First the shower door then my glass side door. I haven’t gotten a good look at this person yet, but I’m not scared (worried a little, maybe, scared no.) I don’t have a real good description of the person but it looks like a black and white shot someone took of C about a year or so before we got together. They kinda float so I don’t hear footsteps.
I think that is the reason people have such a hard time accepting the sz diagnosis. Everyone “glitches” as SurprisedJ uses the word and it seems like everyone hears stuff (their name being called, ect.) so much of that stuff happens to normal people that it’s hard for some people (like me) to know this is a real auditory hallucination I need to get my meds started/changed.
I’ve seen this dude like twice (out of the corner of my eye and reflected in the water droplets above my shower door) but I don’t know if it is the Seraquel, the Geodon, or both of them. I’m just going to keep going with this new med. See what happens.
Has anyone else here been on seroquel?


I am or 50 mg Seroquel mixed with 40 mg latuda. When I was on a high dose of Seroquel I was very sedate and motionless. It really numbed down the panic, but it didn’t stop the voices really, it just made them very quiet.

I do take a multi vitamin, and there is an herbal shop in this town that I really like, and can hand mix a tea for energy or cleansing or calming.

They do mail order.

This last winter I tried “light therapy” for S.A.D.

I used to think light therapy was hooey, but I gave it a try and I got through this winter a lot better then previous winters. So it doesn’t hurt and it’s nice have the time out to sit in front of a warm lamp.


In addition to taking Risperdal, Prozac and Ativan I take Lovaza which is basically purified fish oil. I think the fish oil helps the inflammation from my osteoarthritis and helps my mood too. As far as supplements I also take a low dose turmeric and this stuff called MSM (it’s mostly sulfur) which seems to help both my sz symptoms and inflammation. I also occasionally take Acidophilus for digestion. If I feel a cold coming on, I will usually take some zinc and astragalus.

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You know, I never think of taking fish oil, but I love fish and eat a lot of it. So maybe I get enough fish oil from my food?

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It’s probably hard to get enough fish in a diet… especially since there tends to be quite a bit of mercury in it. I eat salmon fillets and tuna and try to limit the fried stuff.

You can also get some Omega-3s from other foods like walnuts and flax. I often use Canola Oil instead of margarine when making mac-and-cheese (which is probably awful stuff to eat but it’s one of my “fun” foods)


My mum did loads of research on what’s meant to help us, I’ll ask her when she gets back what exactly my dosage is.

What I do know is I’m on EyeQ fish oil which contains omega 3 and 6 what research has proven is we lack the fatty acids that come with fish oil eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid and that when these acids get a boost our symptoms are meant to be relieved somewhat.

I’m also on vitamin B complex which is supposed to help with negative symptoms.

There is Ginko Biloba which has been medically proven to help prevent and reduce Tardive dyskinesia again need to confirm dosage.

The other thing I’m on is Agnus cactus, which is known for helping women with pre menstrual stress and menopause which I know works as my illness used to really ramp up around them times and going on that helped calm me down one time when I was off it, i was just simply dreadful but for men it helps suppress the sex drive, I know sometimes side effects of meds cause an over active sex drive and this is meant to help, monks take it for such a reason.

Multivitamin for generic, can’t go wrong really. Peppermint oil for digestive problems, stomach upset, IBS etc. Acidophulus that’s been mentioned but I’m also on that for digestion.

Now I’m not sure the effectiveness of all this because I started on proven effective dosage at the same time as starting my chlorpromazine so we’re not sure what was most effective but hey I’m the most mentally well I’ve been in
years! I know that when mum tried to take me off vitamin b my negative symptoms got worse. Ginko Biloba helps with arm jerks that I get we had to reduce it at one point as they didn’t stock my dosage and my arms started to jerk, it only happens occasionally after being on the proper dose. It doesn’t however help with my restless legs and jerks.

I’ll get back to you on dosage! But this is what I’m on and I can’t fault it I don’t know where you are but here in the UK vitamins are dead expensive so just thought I would warn you, but I know in holland and Barrett they often do a penny sale that mum gets some of my pills.


I take vitamin D as well as calcium, folic acid and omega bright which is fish oil for omega 3 and omega 6. I do think that the fish oil helps with depression slightly but the medicine I am taking now is 5mg of valium 3x a day as well as prozac which doesn’t work but I am scheduled to go back and get some meds that actual work for me as I recently told my psych the truth! :smile:


I take Omega 3 and 6 too. Also vit. D because my last blood test showed I was deficient. A gummy multivitamin because I decided I was taking too many pills. And NAC, which I’ve been taking for about a month now, I don’t notice any difference yet.

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I refuse to take supplements because they are not regulated nor approved by the FDA for any condition.

i take vitamin b’s ,c ,d3 ,zinc ,magnesium , pau d’arco, coconut oil , kieffer ,12 tissue salts, no alcohol and i am also vegetarian, i do this instead of meds…
take care


I’m taking multivitamins, Vit bs, c, d3, unrefined salt, iodine, flaxssed oil and ginkgo. Iodine works fast in lifting the brain fogginess.

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good on you, it has helped me to stay stable, not necessarily ’ muggle ’ stable , but stable all the same…
take care

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It takes away the headache, dizziness and muscle pain in me. I begin to see some hope. I wish it works well for you. Take care.

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I take vitamine D with Calcium. Vitamine D is good for depression. It is dark in Sweden during autumn-winter. We don’t get much sun light and sun light gives your body vitamine D. I’m thinking about saving my vitamins for the winter. I might not need them during summer.

I have seen many Orthomolecular psychiatrists, including authors Dr, Alan Cott, Dr Alec Hyde, and another one who wrote a book. I used to read their books, call up and make an appointment, and travel to them. For greater than 20 years I have been seeing an Orthomolecular psychologist. He knows what he is doing, but he is having fantastic success with cancer patients,and therefore his specialty in schizophrenia is sort of eclipsed.

In 1969, I started on Trilafon, aka Perphenzine. I am still taking it. About twenty years ago when I started to show signs of TD, this Orthomolecular Ph. D, psychologist I am still seeing added some lipid compounds, which I am also taking, to my supplements; I have had no signs of TD since then.

The latest thing this Orthomolecular man added to my supplements was vitamin K2 because I now have brittle bones, as show by a recent bone scan.

About three years ago this doctor added Vitamin A Palmitate, Lutein, and Astaxanthin to my supplements because my eye doctor says I am going blind from macular degeneration. Those two antioxidants are very good for schizophrenia as well.

For dry skin, the doctor added rice oil about ten years ago.

The other antioxidants this doctor has me on are what you might think of as Vitamins C and E, CoQ10, and a multi that includes Selenium and a B vitamin that is an antioxidant.

Please note that whereas people are generally aware that B vitamins are complexes, not so many folks are aware that Vitamins A, C, D, and E, and K are complexes as well. This doctor would be unhappy if my general practitioner were to prescribe me D2, for example, instead of D3.

Besides the minerals in my multi, this doctor is prescribing me Lithium Orotate (an over the counter version of Lithium), and additional Zinc, Magnesium, and Calcium.

I am getting a lot of D3, by the way.

I get a whole bunch of additional B vitamins.

And lots of fish oil. (And some other psych meds.)

I do well.



Hi @Jayster Thank you for posting this. I would really love to learn everything about orthomolecular psychology.

My experience with orthoiodosupplementation has been amazing. My memory and verbal comprehension are coming back really quickly.

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I was prescribes Lovaza as well. @onceapoet Fish oil - omega 3 is good for many ailments, I use it for high triglycerides and depression, it is also good for inflamation in the body

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I was prescribed risperdal 4mg, for supplementation I take astaxanthine 4mg, lithium 400mcg, BCAA 5grams, creatine 5grams, citrus bioflavonoids complex 1 gram, vegetarian DHA/EPA 1gram, magnesium 400 mg, zinc 10mg, ginkgo biloba with grapeseed extract, rhodiola, Solgar VM-75 multi, ginseng with royal jelly, vitamin k2 45mcg, vitamin d3, q10 100mg, acetyl l carnitine 500mg and three Brazil nuts for the selenium. So long!

Sarcosine and Spiruline for the moment
Also a bit of curcumin in the mornings

I take a lot of supplements. And it all works.

Cognitex Basics- for cognition enhancement
Zinc- for hair growth
Fish oil- for mood enhancement
Multi vitamin without iron
Hemp oil oral spray- for pain and anxiety
Viviscal- for hair growth
White sesame seeds- for hair growth
Minoxidil 2% solution- for hair growth

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