What supplements are recommended for schizophrenia?

The 2 I currently think of are GABA and glycine.

I do not know if Omega 3 helps …?

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I tried glycine. It made me feel very well. But the dose needed was pretty huge

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How much was needed? @Jimbob

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I think it was 60 grams. But people don’t take this as gospel. Speak to you doctor about it

@Chess24 I started taking fish oil and it improved my concentration. I am able to keep numbers in my head now. Before I was struggling to balance my checkbook. Now I can do it no problem. And I’m having an easier time remembering what I read and remembering what people say. It made a big difference for me.

I suppose fish oil is Omega 3 … ?

taurine, l-theanine are two i can think of off the top of my head for positive symptoms

i hear sarcosine, nac, and vitamin b12 are good for negatives

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