What scifi movies remind you of your past mental trips being schizo?

Spellbinder - I felt an occult group was after me just like the movie. I still do.

The Hitcher - I was on the road just like in the movie and all this crazy stuff happened and I felt I was under attack by psychos too which is similar to the movie, mind you the movie also having supernatural undertones in the ending. Dark, unpredictable stuff happened in the movie and there was no real winner. The main character was also a young man just like me, and the movie was high adrenalin yet terrifying for the character, just like my experience was.

Paranormal activity: the marked ones - I never finished it because it made my entity more aggressive, which is unusual for me. In the movie this guy is cursed by a coven of witches and the entity protects him in the beginning, but then it starts to backfire. At times I’ve felt like people got hurt over me and my entity so I can identify with a lot of the stuff in the movie. I am more careful about my anger now and what I wish on people. Also, again I can identify with the occult aspects of it.

Maybe the Truman show, but nothing really comes close.

Being John malkovich was also trippy. Especially with my telepathic subtitles.

Definitely the Truman show! I walked around think a camera in the sky was watching me and being aired on everybody’s t.v. Except mine.

Also anything with aliens.

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The camera thing went on for a year so when NSA set up shop it didn’t even phase me.

I especially identify with Village of the Damned. In the movie these blonde haired children are telepathic and read and control people’s minds to hurt themselves.

Legato blue summers had similar telepathic abilities. He soul control people’s movements with his mind. I assume he could see through multiple people at the same time.

Was in an anime though. Trigun.

I would like to see Marry Shelly’s Frankenstein. Her book made a big impression on me in Jr High.

Leaving Las Vegas!

We were somewhere between baker and Barstow before the drugs began to take hold.

Inland Empire captures the mood pretty well I think.

My whole life seems like a science fiction movie now. The things I’m seeing amaze me. Sometimes I think I have wondered into an alternate universe.

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