What’s your least favorite and most favorite

What’s your least favorite thing about yourself? (Besides mental illness) and what’s your favorite thing?

I’m gonna pick a physical thing about myself- my least favorite thing is my crazy broad shoulders… and giant forearms lol my favorite thing is prolly my hair color? I don’t know


Allowing myself to be a doormat for my family

My tenacity/persistence in solving a problem.


Ah those are good ones everhopeful… sorry your family uses you as a doormat :confused:


My least favorite thing about myself is definitely my hair. I got this stringy, wavy, can’t do a thing with it except chop it all off hair. And my hair used to be long, thick and wavy when I was young. Not everybody liked it but I did.

I also hate my lower tummy because I have saggy skin in my old age.

I like my eyes and I’ve been told I got a hot butt and legs. Imagine that at age 61!


I hate that I have stretch marks on my body from the weight gain from the meds.

I don’t know if I have a favorite thing, I don’t really think about myself like that.


Least favorite - fallen arches Most favorite - my normal weight


My scoliosis I hate. My beautiful red hair.


Least Favorite:

Crossed eyes

Most Favorite:

I have the drive to continually try new things.



least favorite thing : my herniated stomach…even though I am almost at my perfect weight it protrudes like a pregnant bump of about three months along.

favorite thing…probably my eyes…I like many things about myself physically…


My favorite thing about myself is that I’m a really good friend and mom. My least favorite thing is my laziness.


Least: being overweight
Most: taste in memes


Least Favourite: being obese
Most Favourite: being able to walk/jog/run on my treadmill

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Least: dermatillomania
Most: humor, especially the ability to laugh at myself

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Least favourite: My inability to overcome my own vices.
Most favourite: My continuing attempts to overcome my vices.

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Least: My tendency to be concerned about things i shouldn’t be concerned about.
Most: My ability to let myself have bouts of happiness despite my melancholic mood.

My least favorite my paunch

My most favorite my caring and loving attitude towards my family and the world in general

My least favourite is my weight. My favourite is my eyes.

I hate to be a copycat but mine is same as Sezbot241. I hate my current weight and my belly. But my eyes are sparkling blue when the light hits them right.

My least favorite thing about me is my hygiene. My most favorite thing about me is the relationship I’ve built with my family.

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