What’s your favourite show, book or movie?

:slight_smile: for fun!
What’s everyone’s favourite show, book or movie.
I love sailor moon and Harry Potter!


Favorite show was first 2 seasons of Narcos
Favorite book was Carlos Castenada-A yaqui way of knowledge
Favorite movie-Shawshank redemption maybe idk

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Tropic thunder is just hilarious, see it if you haven’t


There is an old movie made in the 1990s, i think.

Its name is simply The Pike

It was about a fighter. I dont know why i found it so intetesting, but i did.

I dont know if anyone else would like it as it was not very main-stream-America. It was was a bit off the beaten path of what most people would like.

The magicians, of course…

Show: Full Metal Panic
Book: Flowers for Algernon
Movie: I don’t really have a favourite Movie. Can’t think of any right now.

@MissJennyJen, Flowers for Algernon is my second favorite book!

Show: Upright Citizens Brigade (Comedy Central, 1998-2000)
Book: The Catcher in the Rye
Movie: Wet Hot American Summer (hilarious! but weird lol)

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Oh god, I have to pick? Well, my go to most rewatched show is probably Star Trek TNG. Favorite book is Ship of Theseus. No idea on movie. There are too many choices and I don’t watch many lately.

Show: stranger things and bones
Book: the hobbit and LOTR trilogy
Movie: so many…august rush, guardians of the galaxy, see above books as well in movie form.

My favorite show is probably “Oz” or “The Wire”,

But I also like a lot of cartoons.

“China, IL”, “Metalocalypse”, “Home Movies”, “Stone Quackers”, “Mr. Pickles”, “Adventure Time”, “Regular Show”, all that.

Also, “Summer Heights High” and “Kath and Kim”. Sorry, that’s not quite picking one, of anything…

Favorite movie is probably “Oldboy” (the Korean original) or “Network”.

My favorite book is “Three Bags Full: A Sheep Detective Story”. Its not serious, or life altering, but its a great story and I love it. I could read that book a thousand times. Its surprisingly insightful for a book about a heard of sheep solving a murder.

I highly recommend it.



Excellent picks!

All of them,

I forget how funny Wet Hot American Summer is,

Did you see the show they did a couple years ago?

Favorite show: Seinfeld
Favorite book: Go Tell It on the Mountain (James Baldwin)
Favorite movie: Torch Song Trilogy

I don’t know if it is my favorite movie, but I watched a very good film noir on the internet last night free of charge. It was called “A Town Without Pity”. It was grim, but it was also mesmerizing. It starred Mike Douglas.

If you’re referring to Stella, yes I saw that show. Pretty dang funny, though I understand why it lasted only one season. It’s a rather quirky kind of humor.

Harry Potter hands down. I’m 26 and still listen to the audiobooks at night. Haters I’ll give u my shrinks number if u think I’m a douche

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Favourite show probably ‘the wire’, really is excellent

My favorite show is my life-a version of the reality show Survivor where I try to survive under challenging conditions.

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Yes, Stella was funny,

But I was talking about this:

They were somehow able to bring back every single one of the original cast.

Nice. I had never heard of it, but I suppose I should look into it. :slight_smile:

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I have no favorite shows or movies. I don’t watch them. I also have no favorite books. I love them all.