What’s wrong with ”normies” or neurotypicals?

I’m not one (autism for example) but why are yall disliking them

Their overconfidence.

I think it’s the general mis-treatment of people on different spectrums of whatever.

When I was at school, people used to take advantage of me because it was easy for them.


There are good and bad in both ND and NT . Even with ND there’s a hierarchy of popular and less popular people . I’ve been on Twitter since 2013- 177 followers. An autistic person who joined March 1st = over 230 followers. Another ND= 9000 followers . There are those seen as charismatic/influencers/the ‘in crowd’, then there are people like me.

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Psychotic illness isn’t fun. Most people lead their lives without serious breaks with reality. Often the average person doesn’t deal with what we deal with. It’s just one of those things but we aren’t the only ones so consider that…

There’s plenty of other people marginalized by our current society so we are 1%. That is special enough for most.

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Do you think I wasn’t truly delusional?

I can’t answer that and others can’t either. It’s your doctor. Play the game and do what your told and it’ll even out. Fight the process and you know what barriers you’ll face.

It’s unusual to find yourself on these meds when your so young. It’s not unheard of but it’s rare.

Truly. Getting on meds was great for me. I was symptomatic in hindsight from 14 but didn’t get dxed till I was 29. Lots of dysfunctional years there…that really bites when you turn 50!

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My doctor isn’t any good

Yeah hearing that but you are where you are because of choice.

Play the game. Do what you need to do to move forward but I’d recommend the meds for a while at least. It really does lead to better outcomes and that is so beneficial to you.

Start being proactive in your health by making smart choices.

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Many “normies” have Narcissistic traits.
Also many of them are full blown Narcissists.

Just sick of their selfish, I’m the center of the Universe attitude.

But I do realize that they are not all created equally.

There are still a few decent people out there.

I personally don’t believe neurotypicals exist. I think anyone who considers themselves NT is actually just afraid of others finding out their faults, and afraid of therapy.


I think everyone could benefit from therapy, that doesn’t mean I think everyone is unhealthy.

Some coping mechanisms are like bad habits, and have flaws, or make you have poor character.

People get on the best they can and don’t always know what will help. Talking about my relationship with my brother, and stuff helped me. Its not much when you look outside of it, but often people don’t have anyone they can go to, to just vent and then get therapeutic support.

I think especially because of covid, there are a lot of people currently walking around with undiagnosed PTSD and other trauma symptoms. Granted, I didn’t believe in neurotypicals even before covid.

Because they have no idea how easy they have it and how hard we have it.

You can dig deeper or go into more details but thats the basics of it.

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I got no problem with NT.

As long as they don’t throw rude things at me because of my illness it is fine.

I’ve been called nutcase and psycho and freak and evil.

It really is terrible

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i don’t dislike them really…

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I dislike their dishonesty and superficiality.

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I agree with @ninjastar that everyone has problems, but neurotypicals have problems I have trouble identifying with and vice versa. Oh, you’re having trouble catching that girl’s eye? That’s nice. I don’t know how to make eye contact with anyone at all and the thought of trying to catch someone’s eye in any fashion just freaks me the hell out.

Communicating through text is so much more civilized.


It’s Nietzsche’s slave morality

They like to marginalize people who are different.

I deal with this everyday as a physically + mentally disabled person on crutches.