What’s up with all these shootings?!?

People are getting shot left and right in this country!

All these crimes being committed everywhere throughout the US!

Enough is enough!

Ban these fukcing guns already!

Maybe allow certain hunting rifles to law abiding responsible citizens and that’s it!

So sick of this crap!


It doesn’t help that these mayor’s in these metro areas are for defunding the police. We need are men and women in blue to protect us.

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I am pessimistic about this issue. How do you take guns from someone who is deadset on keeping them? There are too many like that in the US, its a very complex issue. i believe there would be armed revolts if this were to happen

Doesnt mean it shouldnt be done, but I doubt it will be. Politicians are scared to touch the issue


The problem is certainly complex.


Not only would they never let their guns to be taken away, they even resist the need for registration

No one needs a fully automatic weapon to go deer hunting. But if you tried to correct the problem now, there would be hell to pay


The frequency of shootings has increased in the past few weeks

I don’t understand why the USA is such a violent place


Some people even modify their guns illegally to be fully automatic. I found a video on youtube one time of a guy sanding down a ruger 1022 firing pin to make it shoot continuously. Scary stuff

I fear it may be too late, guns are too ubiquitous. Maybe there is hope, if someone can come up with a really clever idea for reform


We have shootings in Europe too. But generally speaking, only the bad guys have guns. And generally speaking they tend to shoot each other as a result. Generally speaking anyway.


The police can’t help us with a random shooting.

They can respond minutes after it’s begun,

But it’s not like more money is going to magically make them prevent these tragedies.

Defunding the police has nothing to do with it.

I’ll say this,

I’m afraid of going out into pubic, busy places because of these shootings,

But I’m equally afraid of the police.


I am starting to fear for my safety here.
Although I don’t live in an urbanized area.


Even if you took awake legal guns you can go on the dark web and buy ghost guns or on the street and buy stolen guns, there’s are deeper issues in America that aren’t addressed and people focus on something like gun control to solve violence in America. It will take many factors to help this country, but it’s easier for people to blame guns than the actual people committing the crimes.

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While we dont have many mass shootings in Canada, we do have a lot of isolated gang violence shootings.

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The police patrol the bus station and frequently have patrol cars parked outside my apartment building. The main problem I have is a serial killer stabbing people to death with a knife. Locally the candidate who supported defunding the police lost the election last Fall. People don’t support defunding here luckily.

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I’d just like to point out that I have an alibi.

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Nothing will change until the second amendment is changed. Courts will just strike down all gun laws. And changing the 2nd amendment is an almost impossible task.

Even still, it’s not the weapon, its the psychology of the people. If there are no guns they will mow people down with cars, or stab them with knives, or find other creative ways of killing. Although I guess guns make it easy and are efficient.