What’s a good way to get back into work? How did you go about it?

I wan’t to work again, even just part time.

Some questions,
What are some good entry level jobs?
What are some jobs that require little social interaction?
Do you think working construction/labour jobs as a temp would be a good idea?
Would you wait and go to school to get a better job or still find some work regardless of whether you go to school or not?

If anyone has any experience in this and would be willing to share, I’m all ears.


It might not be what you want to hear. But, 3rd shift at Walmart is entry level and does not require much interaction. :raccoon::raccoon::raccoon:


I went back to work. I am working for just a little more than half what I am worth but you have to take into account you have a disability.

I still have a very good job though and I will get another retirement and a 401 k out of it. I suggest a career and not just a job but that depends on your qualifications.

I can answer any specific questions you have about working. I work full time.


It doesn’t sound super glamorous but cleaning is a good one. It can be very flexible and can offer you minimal hours if thats what you’re looking for. I know a lot of places that hire their cleaners to work before or after opening hours too so thats minimal interaction. It’s a good way to test the waters and get used to having a working routine. If you want something with more substance, this is still good because you get a reference and something on your resume to work with.


What happened with accounting?

Its still an option, but the course is self paced and I’m having trouble staying motivated, figure a job to distract me for a few hours a day might balance me out or something.

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I also want to get back to work, so I appreciate this thread!

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