The plan is to just work part time

hopefully i can work AND keep my ssdi. im thinking 20-25 hours a week. if it’s possible that is what i will do for the next 30 years, assuming i live that long. if i ever lose ssdi, i will be in the shitty place where i will have to go back to work full time. but im not worrying about that now.

while i won’t be as wealthy as if i worked full time, i’ve decided my life will be more fulfilling working part time. i’ll have more time for hobbies and exercise and cooking.

well now i just have to wait for a good part time job opportunity to come available. will check the job boards everyday. i usually go to indeed, or get a local paper.


Seems like a bit of a mess the benefits over where you are

I am on Universal Credit in England, but I have no idea how much I can work without affecting it.

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yeah i feel like going back to work would put me in the new “recovery likely” scenario with benefits trump was working on.

it does get a bit confusing. you can only make so much a month or else you lose your benefits.

Yeah. That’s what I did. Indeed is a good one.

I got a call the next day after applying for this cleaning job. I have experience.

Do you have your resume saved on Indeed?
When I was looking I only applied to the one click jobs. No way I’m jumping thru hoops.

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yeah my resume is saved. i haven’t applied for a job for a year though. i may have a 30 minute commute to get a part time job. or else i could try working for the casino here in town. i don’t want to work at the casino but i could do it if i had to. also subway and the pizza place here in town hire part timers.

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I just typed in Part Time and my zip.

But yeah I have to drive a little ways too.
It’s not bad though. No stop signs or stop lights.

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