What non Apple mobile phones do you use?

I am using oneplus 7 pro since 2019… Android… works very well camera is superb for film making


Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G. Very happy with it. Mostly use it as a camera and also for listening to music. Try to avoid using the phone part of it - wish they’d get rid of that.


I use Google pixel 6 pro. :frog::frog::frog:


I use an LG G6, but LG stopped making phones not so long ago.

No idea what I’ll go for next. Really don’t want an iPhone or a Samsung.
Thinking going for Google Pixel.


Samsung Galaxy S9

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Google Pixel!

Currently using the 4a(5G)

Waiting for the 7 Pro

Google makes Android and Pixel. One benefit is that Pixel users gets the latest updates immediately. Another benefit is it is plain Android so you can customize it as you want. A third benefit is because they make both they can optimize both for eachother.

With other manufacturers you need to wait for the latest updates and they put a lot of useless bloatware on your phone.


Is Google pixel really that good ?


I love Pixel!

But honestly this question is like everything else.

What’s better?
Ford or Chevy
Apple or Windows

It’s your personal preference and what you require. Ultimately you have to do your research and find out what’s best for you.

When clients ask me what is the best phone I tell them there isn’t one. It depends on your requirements.

If you use it for work all day then the best one is the one with the longest battery life. If you watch a lot of Netflix then the best one is the one with the nicest screen, etc…

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Samsung s20. Its a fantastic phone

Samsung has amazing camera for a phone. I like to film in 4k with it.

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I currently have a Samsung A51.

Tell me the best mobile for filmmaking

You are disqualified :sweat_smile:


I was joking
I’ll delete my post @latenightsurfer


Samsung Galaxy s22

One of the top ones for 8k is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

One of the top ones for 4k is the Sony Xperia Pro-I

Research those to get you started. But read up on others too, there might be a feature you really want/need in another phone.

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Motorola, G6 I believe.

Xiaomi redmi note 10 pro !

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I have a Samsung Galaxy A13. It’s the first 5G phone I have had.

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Pixel 6 pro #teampixel