What my voices are saying right now

What my voices are saying right now…

“Pet the cat.
Petting the cat will calm you down.
What are you doing?
You can’t keep doing this to yourself.
Yellow sheets wrapped up in bricks ??
Stop typing this, you’re only making yourself look bad.
Spending time in your room alone again like always? Pathetic.
Closing time.
Don’t text her back, she’s all up in your business.
Everything will be okay.
Don’t take your meds, they’ll ending causing your organs to fail.
Listen to me! I’m the good one here, all the others are bad.
Did you hear that?
What’s the point of doing this? These people don’t care what you have to say.
Are you cold? I’m cold. Turn the f*ckin heat up its cold.
This can’t be happening.”

I can keep going but don’t want to write an essay. I’m just having an off day today, they will go away soon. I’m going to try and sleep it off.

sending love, peace, and connectedness your way

Dont get distracted by their intrusion, just do you and function and you will get through it.

There just voices. Let them be like the wind. Let them go

My voice isn’t saying much today directly (to my conscious). They are always talking to my subconscious, though. I can’t hear or detect it unless they want me to by controlling my behavior or downloading some weird belief on me, but they haven’t been doing that lately. I can’t detect anything today but it is always going on.
I suppose my therapist would say I am doing good. I am sorry yours are overwhelming. Maybe try to distract yourself with a movie or something.