What member made the biggest impression on you on SZ. Com when you first got here?


Too many to mention.
And thank you @eduvigis


funny =)



SurprisedJ, 77nick77 and darksith


Surprisedj and darksith and azley have been good to chat with. I don’t like to single people out though. There are many more :blush::blush:


There are a lot of people that have made an impression on me. I’m not going to say because it is almost like saying it would be assuming that they recognize me which I doubt they do. But @daze has said she loved me so I can say her name.


When I first came across the forum and was reading topics, some of the posts by @SurprisedJ and his @kidsister really caught my attention because they were so insightful and so beautifully written.

For example, I never forgot these two posts of theirs. I hope they don’t mind my quoting their posts and I hope they’re both doing well.


@Minni, @Jimbob, @Patrick, @MrSquirrel and @darksith made me feel like there was hope out there

And mainly made me laugh.

But almost everyone on the site does that you know.


I’m glad I could help turtle. You come across as a very nice sweet person. And cute as a button.


I remember the spoon thing. I thought it was cute and funny. I liked SurprisedJ too. Nice guy, maybe one of the nicest guys on here despite his problems. I use people like him for role models. Role models for me are people who go through hell but stay positive and funny. Yeah, kidsister. i liked her. Always respectful and nice, a breath of fresh air.


Why would a romantic figure on a schizophrenia board make a difference to you?


First of all, I perceived him as a person, not a schizophrenic person. Second, it came with other attributes, not necessarily first.
And well I was pretty damn unstable back then so there’s no clear logic in everything I felt.
Satisfied with my answer?


@Sarad you use your sex in many different ways

Unfortunately @Azley is never going to say I’m pretty sick of it


Yeah whatever.
Just. Stop. The. Drama. :no_entry:


Oooohhh I started the drama!

Perhaps you need a lesson on what’s real and what’s fake


@Daze There’s no reason to critique other people’s responses on this thread. Noone else is doing that.


@Samples and @darksith made the biggest impression on me, with their patience and kindness.


For me it is @SurprisedJ, @Wave and @darksith.


I also had a ton of fun with @Samp he doesn’t post a lot anymore but he makes me laugh a lot and is such a talented awesome person =)


Thanks @Fellowman
You have inspired me as well :slight_smile:


@SurprisedJ and @kidsister, @alien99, @MrSquirrel, @Gtx1990, @Sarad, @sleepybug whatever he new name is, just to name a few.

We are like a tribe, and no coincidence I have a tribal tattoo of a phoenix in red and black. I may be more of an academic than most on here, but I look at the Phoenix metaphor as being an intellectual, above and observing, while being a strange bird, part of a tribe. Yet I do serve it to people when I have to put up my excellence in academia, that is where the bird still being a bird of prey comes in- I attack intellectual pursuits.

What we have in common is that we are like a family, we all come from the same nest, and we explore. The tribe is something I do not lose sight of, I remember who I am, where I come from, and what feels like home. The home, the natural habitat for us is in the outdoors, or at a desk on our lonesome with a cat and some stuff to feed the mind…I just eat up advanced academia, but I know who I am and what tribe I belong to when I do something like sit in a park in the sun or sit with my cat and look out the window while studying or journaling. There is a subtle bliss to being schizoaffective, the whole “I hang out on perches looking down at reality” thing. I feel sort of happy in a weird way when I am a bit all over the place or being a looney. It is like I am just supposed to be free to be a strange bird.

Taking today off, I shocked my system with studying, double haldol, and heavy weightlifting the last several days. However I think of it strangely, my synergistic thing when studying is still up and at it. Professor be like “how many microorganisms in your mouth?” and I knew the answer without even seemingly consciously trying to learn it. My brain takes pictures of what is in front of me, and it happened to specify 3 trillion, which I regurgitated. Little subtleties like this make my life what it is, a life of a person who collects degrees to hopefully make peerless practice one day when I get the final degree and can go work in a clinic or a hospital. I may seem aloof with the ability, but I buckle down and study on top of just being a sponge, so I make it work out well.

I often just revel and bask in the fact that I am a strange bird, and that I found you all…or perhaps that you all found me…I remember who I work for when I grind gears. I do it for us, the tribe. I know my place. It is a place of giving back whatever I can, and taking some autonomy for myself so that I can be free to think the way I think, which is schizophrenic, with my cat thinking about the dynamics of personality or in the sun thinking about something weird like human sexuality and mating patterns or some other stuff. This sort of freedom as a psychology student, and advanced one, was getting the best of me, letting me think crazy shyt, no leash, so that is part of why I chose medicine- it is more oriented in the perspective. Psi was letting me get away with just saying insane ■■■■ and calling it profound. I need someone to answer my abnormality to, which is why I am in school for nursing, I want to be a nurse practitioner and answer to psychiatrists when I get too wonky. I need direction from the outside, and being a psychologist was just a trade card for me to do whatever I felt like, which can even be at the length of diseased.

It’s understood, I do it for the hood. The hood of our hobbit cloaks and wizard cloaks. We be trippin on pipeweed and tispy on the butterbeer. All in a day. lol