What meds helped you guys the most

What meds helped you the most and what did they help you with?

Olanzapine for voices delusions, Mirtzapine for depression Valium for anxiety Zopiclone for sleep.


My doc cut me off valuim cold turkey and ive average 3 hours of sleep a night since and that was 3 months ago. I’ve been on olanazapine in tue past and it made my vody itch inside. How much is that one helping with sleep

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The olanzapine makes me sleep for a good ten hours it doesnt help so much will falling alseap but one I does off its great I am on a fairly high dose of 20mg

That’s great you’re sleeping well. I’ve been on trazodone up until recently for sleep and it does nothing. My problem now is my original doc is no longer my doc and my new doc thinks I’m some kind of addict because I told him I used to smoke weed in highschool

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Risperdal and invega for schizophrenia, trazadone for sleep, and prazosin for PTSD.

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Abilify for psychosis and mood
Klonopin for anxiety
Naltrexone helps with a whole bunch of things for me including substance abuse, thinking, mood, anxiety
Zoloft helps with mood, ptsd, substance abuse and a few other things
Cbd seems to calm me down too.

I feel great on these things


I’ll discuss these options with my doc.

Risperdal gave me horrible side effects. Actually have a lawsuit in process atm

Geodon and Effexor were my miracle combo, left me virtually symptom free. Currently taking Rexulti, which is so-so. Had to give up the miracle meds because my gorram cardiologist can’t keep his yap shut and talked my psychiatrists into a med change.

Docs man. Some seem to actually connect and understand and some would rather look over your head and act like they just know what’s best without taking your well being into consideration

Well, my heart has been getting worse so their caution is understandable. I’m also so high-functioning that my psychiatrist was betting that I could manage increased symptoms, which I am. I just don’t like it. Takes effort to keep a lid on the Travelling Alien Road Show in the corner of my head.

All of my meds help me or I wouldn’t take them. Geodon controls the hallucinations from psychosis, Latuda helps with negatives and bridges the gap in Geodon’s short half-life, Wellbutrin helps with negatives, Xanax for paranoia and anxiety, Benedryl stops the tremors I get from Geodon and Lunesta helps me sleep well each night. Sleep really helps and I sleep a lot.

It’s the best combo I have ever had. I can function on this mix. When I just took Geodon and Wellbutrin things were much worse symptoms wise.

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Hahaha that’s understandable I feel you there. Definetly a distraction. Have you had to deal with much social stigma? One of my main problems seems to be alot of people toying because they know of my illness.

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Aside from a notable incident some years back, no. I pass for normal except in those areas where I choose not to (I’m also autistic, so I blame it on that when/if people ask). I always disclose my health conditions to employers, but that has yet to cause a problem for me. I have passed medicals to operate a passenger buses and also heavy trucks with up to 3 axles. The school I volunteer at is aware of my health issues and I’m still trusted to be on my own with students without a teacher present. Like I said, I’m stable.

I’m on Invega and it’s helping me, it is a good AP

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rexulti for depression
saphris for halucinations
Lexapro for OCD (odd behaviors)
Topamax for don’t know yet just started
Ativan for all symptoms and anxiety
prazosin for vivid dreams
propranolol to build confidence in decision making
Cogentin for restlessness (I don’t know why they keep making me take this I’m not restless, I keep saying I don’t need it but they really want me to take it. Might be because I have td)

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Risperidone took away literally all my positive symptoms (made the negatives mildly worse though). Zoloft was amazing and took away my hypersensitivity to stimuli, took away my anger and violent intrusive thoughts and made me much more chilled out. Considering that I did have several major depressive episodes while on it though I don’t think it really stabilized my mood.

Geodon actually helped my negative symptoms tremendously. It covers most of the positive but there are still slip ups when I’m stressed so I would say risperidone was better for positive. Wellbutrin is helping me lose weight and it reversed one of the sexual side effects I got from geodon so that’s cool. Anything else I’m not sure if the geodon is causing it or Wellbutrin is doing it but I’ve been starting to see a decrease in my anger and aggression so that’s good.

Ativan helped tremendously with the ptsd anxiety I get at night as well as prevented flashbacks and is just all around amazing for really any kind of anxiety at all, akathisia from meds or even just sleep. I loved Ativan. Klonopin seems to work well too so far but is more sedating for me than Ativan was.

Every other med I tried sucked.

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Abilify for positive symptoms (namely delusions of reference) and irritability

Concerta and Ritalin for negative symptoms (specifically anhedonia and anergia).

I’ve tried many different meds over the years.
Nothing helped my psychosis and bipolar mood swings like Risperidone and Depakote did.

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