What meds do you take for Sz


how long did you take risperidone and did’t it caused restlessness
I become restless even on 1 mg


Depends if you are a chronic Sz


200mg Amisulpride plus 25mg Seroquel


60mg haldol and 30mg abilify instead of 80mg haldol and 60mg abilify


Abilify 2.5mg for about 2 months now. No positive symptoms. Lets pray it stays that way.


vow thats a very low dose
happy for you @GentleSoul
did you reduce the dosage by yourself?


I talked about it with my pdoc. From 10mg to 7.5 to 5 to 2.5 to maybe 1 and finally 0. I am the one who decided to lower it so progressively. My pdoc was all for a more abrupt way of reducing it.


Risperidone 2mg … it’s small dose but it works unless there is an outside stress, and I lead a very quiet life.


Naltrexone 25 mg has helped my sza along with my alcoholism .
Zoloft 50 mg has helped my mood
Abilify 20 mg helps my sza and allows me to take an ssri
Klonopin .25 for anxiety.


Olanzapine 10 or 5 mg a day.


Risperidon 3 mg in total twice a day
Xeplion 100 once a month
Pimpaperlon once a day
Pantroprazol 20 mg once a day


Aripripizol 5 mg per day.


Risperidone 3mg daily for SZ
Depakote ER 1250mg daily for Bipolar


Risperdal injections every 2 weeks I think it’s 25 mg not sure though. 60 mg Latuda. 8 mg of Zofran twice a day. 20 mg of Propranolol twice a day. 1 mg of Risperidone.


Palperidone depot which has just been lowered to 75mg a month


Paliperidone (generic Invega) 9mg daily.


For sza depressive type:

30 mg Haldol
10 mg Lexapro
100 mg Lamictal
0.5 mg Klonopin PRN, up to 2 a day


Zyprexa … perfenazine


Geodon, Haldol, Latuda and Clozaril. You say that you are doing okay on this combo? I think it will knock me out.

I’m on 25mg Abilify, 200mg Lamotragine and 5mg Valium as needed


Saphris 5 mg 2x/day, Diazepam 5 mg 3x/day. Just learned I’m stopping Vraylar. I think I was having some bad side effects from it.