What meds are you on for SZA?

We’ve asked about schizophrenia let’s ask about Sza. I’ll go first, haldol, wellbutrin and lithium.

Im only on Invega. Its called xeplion in europe

How long have you been on it? Does it seem affective?

Aripiprazole. It treats both schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Names are all different in U.K. So don’t know what you’d call them, Although I find it rather amusing that over three years I’ve been on 23 different medications. Lol at least I’ve got something that works now

Abilify 5mg but plan to come off soon

Its very effective. Great med as far as I’m concerned. I’ve been on it for little over than a year. No side effects so far. I got the shakes and I’m taking Inderal for it. But thats from quitting benzos

Just abilify and klonopin

7.5 mg zyperia…

I have mood disorder aswell I thin. I have zyprexa 10 mg and Depakote :slight_smile:

Saphris, lithium, lexapro

I am on Abilify and Mirtazapine.The Mirtazapine helps and its side effect isn’t too bad

Clozaril 325
Seroxat 60
Atenolol 25