What meds do you take for Sz


I’m on invega 6 mg


I haven’t been diagnosed with anything other than psychosis, but I take 2 mg of risperidone.


Abilify 400 mg injection. Seroquel 200 mg a night. Is okay. Still paranoid asf.


12 mg Paliperidone (max dose, 6 mg morning / night)
2 mg Abilify (supposedly stops thought broadcasting with NMDA antagonist action)
3 grams Niacinamide (split into 1 gram doses, morning noon and night)
6-8 grams Niacin (split into 2 gram doses, when needed)
16 mg CBD oil (split into morning / night dose)

I don’t hear voices much, but I’m still paranoid about people talking around me.


Haldol 10mg, zoloft 100mg, inderal 60mg, wellbutrin xl 400mg, lithium 100mg and topomax 200mg.


I have a hard time waking up in the morning but for the first time in years I’m symptom free all day every day. It’s worth it. :sunny:


Do you do anything to help yourself wake up? Any secrets you can share? :wink:


400mg Abilify (injection)
50-100mg Seroquel for sleep


I take my night time meds around 7:30. It’s easier to wake up earlier by doing this. I still have a hard time waking up but not as hard. I still schedule all of my appointments in the afternoon. Hope this helps. :sun_with_face:


3 mg of risperidone once per day
I take benztropine in conjunction with the above but idk the amount right off hand :stuck_out_tongue:


Geodon, 40mg 2x/day.
Wellbutrin XL, 300mg/day.
Sarcosine, 1 gram 3x/day.


Latuda 80mg.
Clozaril 300mg.
Lithium 1200mg.
Lexapro 20mg.


Invega 6mg



I believe the only thing im taking for sz is Abilfy right now


Whats ur abilify dose…??? @MadKatt


o I just started. its at 10mg… was taking vraylar… and before that…?? i cant remember…


It is good but I have akathisia from it in my legs. Hopefully the lowered dose might get rid of that.


Maybe you have restless legs. Akathisia is walking all day long. Not able to stay/sit in one place for too long. Maybe you have restless legs, perhaps?


My psychiatrist diagnosed me with it during evaluation when she saw me constantly moving and she asked me a few questions about it.