How many medications do you take for sz


It turns out I take 1. Paliperidone

I take 3 other medications I wasn’t sure if these possibly helped my illness as they are seizure medications and I never knew if maybe I had a mood problem. But my psychiatrist wants nothing to do with these medications. I know this now as I’m trying to get off one of these for future reference. Bugger.

I guess that’s good in s way. But could have done with her help. Will have to go see neurologist who is far away.


I take one: risperidone


For sz I take Invega/Paliperidone pills :pill: and some others for mood and sleep :slight_smile:


Treatment is not the name of the game with psychiatric medications, “side effects” is. Prescribing meds = side effects, which means more meds to treat those side effects. Eventually patients develop what is called a medication “cocktail” made up mostly of drugs prescribed to treat the unwanted effects of other drugs. The additive side effects of an increasing drug cocktail mean we will always be on more drugs and there is no way to go back much of the time. No one is free of side effects, especially on drugs like antipsychotics which impact a dozen receptor systems in the brain and body.


I take Aripiprazole(30mg), Lurasidone(40mg), Paroxetine (25mg). I am pretty stable now. No side effects. But my cognitive abilities are poor. No positive symptoms and negative symptoms. Only cognitive symptoms. I want to study a lot but could not do it. Any ideas for improving cognitive symptoms?


I take abilify 15mg. It raised my blood sugar so I take metformin for that. It causes anxiety so I take l-theanine for that. It increased my appetite so I take a 100%rda bcomplex for that.


I am not sure. I have had difficulty reading for years. So I play RPG games. They are almost like reading a book to me but more interactive and not as hard.

I don’t really know what all cognitive symptoms are but I guess it’s concentration and things and I struggle with that too. With not much avail. Only better on medicine.


I take 4. An AP, AD, a med for insomnia from AP, and a med for restlessness from AP!


I wish I could work on getting off one of my seizure medications. I am on 3. I think I could do fine on 2.

When I was diagnosed at 26 they were difficult to manage and now my stress and lifestyle is much healthier. But I’ve just gone through a med change and my Neurologst is not close by and my psych doesn’t appear no longer want to touch this medication… I think she wholehearted believes I only need Paliperidone and “lets leave the rest for the Neuro to cover myself”

That’s fine. But I’m a bit impatient. The neurologist is far away. I don’t particularly want to go there. I’m 34 now I want to work on de medication as much as possible.


I take 350mg Clozaril, 1200mg lithium, 10mg Lexapro.


One. Haldol 1mg. And it is one too much. I wish I had never started using psychiatric meds. I regret it forever.


only olanzapine 5mg


I’m on 600mg lithium, 15mg olanzapine and 50mg sertraline… It’s taken more than 10 years but I’ve finally found a combo that controls my symptoms about 75% and doesn’t leave me feeling like a zombie.


The only one I take is zyprexa


I take like 6 which is a lot but all my symptoms tie into my sza


3 or 4. I guess 3 now, since I stopped the abilify, but it’ll likely be replaced with something else at my next appointment. So back up to 4.

Klonopin, Haldol, Cymbalta, …


I take abilify 10mg, celexa 40mg, doxipen 20mg, and propranolol 10mg. (as needed for the propranolol) I still don’t know really what is wrong with me.


I am currently not on any antipsychotic. I went off geodon back in August. However I am very stable on my current medication regime which is depakote, modafinil and on the off chance I need it klonopin.