What meds do you take for Sz


name what meds do you take and mention the dosage
I am on aripiprazole 10


Invega 9mg here :blush:


Good morning @moshtaba
I just woke up
I’m going to drink coffee :coffee:


Vraylar, 6mg/day.


I take Geodon 200mg Latuda 120mg Haldol 10mg I also go for ECT treatments. And I’m doing great on this cocktail. :sun_with_face:


300mg Seroquel…


I forgot also Clozaril 500mg :sun_with_face:


Olanzapine 20mg


our friend @far_cry0 is still sleep


I take 3 mg respridal and 25mg seroquel…


Invega depot 150 mg and no pills for another 3 days when my Dr. Gets me on some new ones. Was on clozapine


Day 5 smoke free man


congratulations @reignoffire
stay strong its pretty hard.
You would be proud of yourself when you pass these two weeks
I never thought that I could live without cigarettes
but today I think how stupid I was


drink plenty of water
putting a little lemon in it will lower your body PH and also is detoxifing


Haldol 20 mg daily
Haldol decanoate 100 mg/mL every 3 weeks.
Klonopin 1mg nightly


Invega 4.5mg/day. Needing to increase. I’m seeing my doc on Wednesday.


it seems paliperidone is pretty popular among psychiatrists.
we don’t have invega in Iran


zyprexa 10mg wafer. Effexor 300mgs daily!


It is the best AP inRomania so far i think in my opinion. I only say what i heard from others. It is a good med :slight_smile:


6 mg Resperidone and 100mg of dipenhydramine for muscle rigity