What meds do you take for anxiety?

Taking busbar, clonazapam, clozaril, zyprexia, and recently sarcosine, and NAC

Klonopin 0.5 mg daily and a Beta Blocker - Risperdal helps a bit, although it may contribute to anxiety at times.

Atenolol and Lexapro.

I took Buspar, but it did nothing, so I stopped. Now I just use biofeedback, which is a way of training your brain to stay rational during times of great emotional stress.

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Clonazepam 1 mg, 3 times daily.

For me, anxiety is a “gateway” symptom. If it gets too intense or for too long, I start experiencing paranoia. Then delusional schemas. And finally, hallucinations.

So I make sure to keep the anxiety monster nice and medicated.

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Hi cj9556,
What is biofeedback? I feel great emotional stress and also physical.

I’ve always been curious about bio-feedback. I read in journals that it is effective, but I’ve never once seen a doctor employ it. And I’m a psych nurse lol.

How do you use it for your benefit?



This doctor near me invented it. It is absolutely not FDA approved but I love it. You watch a movie while wearing a sensor on your head that measures the thermal output of your prefrontal cortex. That is where rational thought comes from. Movies are designed to activate your emotions and shut down your rationality.

While you’re watching, your prefrontal cortex will start shutting down. The sensor detects that and pauses the movie. You have to calmly relax and focus on re activating your prefrontal cortex. The trick is, you can’t get frustrated, because that keeps your emotions in control. It is hard because the movie always pauses at the best parts.

Over time, it trains your prefrontal cortex to stay active when you are stressed out. If you don’t want to buy the thousand dollar device, there is also a board game called Mindflex on Amazon for like $100. You wear the sensor that controls a fan, then you put a ball on the fan so it levitates. Then you have to control the speed of the fan to raise and lower the ball through an obstacle course.

Don’t do it too long, or you’ll fatigue your brain. I do fifteen minutes once a week, but I worked my way up from five. It also helps with migraines, OCD, Aspberger’s Syndrome (but not autism), and ADHD. I started going because my OCD landed me in the hospital twice.

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Sounds intresting but i don’t watch movies anymore or tv.

I think this is brilliant. It’s basic behavioral conditioning. And I’ve read that some clients have been able to reduce their needs for psychotropic medications using it.

Big question (and pardon me if I’m being nosey): what’s the cost per session?

valium, begrudged but i dont want it, i just need it :confused:

It used to be $100, but then I moved out of the area and just bought the machine to use myself. It was $2500 including the price of a new computer to run the program, and it was all a tax write-off.

There are also immediate coping skills I learned there. If you get too upset, sticking your head in the freezer will cool your brain, which makes you literally chill out. If you start becoming worked up but still have control, try levitating something with your mind. You won’t get frustrated, because you already know it isn’t possible to do, but it will keep you focused on something simple that pulls your prefrontal cortex back in control.

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Love these coping skills. You’re a rock star!



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Going to suggest this to my son.
Wonder if Medicare would pay for it?

3mg clonazepam daily, 1800 mg gabapentin, which I’ve just today discovered the side effects are way too much and cause panic attacks and 1mg xanax as needed. Yeah, my anxiety is that bad.

Xanax .5 twice a day.

Needless to say it’s not enough.

I’m still a prisoner in my own home.

I want to go out and live.

It is not an accepted treatment by any insurance.

clonazepam for abilify induced anxiety. It’s just a temporary measure, so I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do when I can no longer take clonazepam.

I started clonazepam for the first time after experiencing adverse side effects from taking Abilify.

And while this med was supposed to be temporary, it stuck; because it uncovered an undiagnosed panic disorder.

And I eventually had to discontinue Abilify, because as is the case with many clients, it was too activating and stimulatory.

You should be vigilant and assertive about your rights to peace of mind and body. If you truly need the clonazepam in combo with the Abilify, then make a strong case for it with your doc.

Don’t accept unnecessary suffering in your life.



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