What medication for anxiety


I have terrible anxiety. It goes from one thing to another nothing specific. I am already just started CBT. But I am wondering if anyone knows effective medications for anxiety I could mention to my nurse at my next appointment. (Not

I’d like to try something as I’m fed up of it.


Yes, I have been on Trittico for depression and anxiety. IDK in UK though…


Thanks. I’m also in the U.K. do you find it helpful? Did you notice a difference when you started it?


Yes, it helped me. I said idk in UK because I’m from Romania. Maybe others will help with suggestions


Oh I see misunderstood. I will have to see what that is called here. Thanks.


I think it’s Trazodone in English. I think it has sedating effects and you don’t want that


You can look into SSRI Antidepressants or Buspar.
I swear by Depakote, it does a good job controlling my anxiety but it’s a potent anticonvulsant.


I have really bad anxiety and my meds helped a lot (Lexapro, lithium, Latuda, Clozaril).
The Lexapro especially.
I hope you find the right ones.


You can try propanalol. I’ve tried that. It works pretty well. I get bad anxiety too.


Only one i can say that i’ve tried is ativan. But it’s very addicting and i’ve been on it for two and a half years. It should really only be taken as needed.


Benzos if you can get


@Qwerty Anxiety can be caused as part of the disease and also may be caused as a side effect of the medication. In India, anxiety is generally treated with Clonazepam etc, if it is a side effect of medicines. I think general anxiety and other forms of anxiety is treated with Alprazolum .


For anxiety and depression I take seroxat it is good help


I use logic and an understanding of the Julian Jaynes bicameral mind. :slight_smile:


Xanax helps a little with sleep


Propranolol works pretty well. I also take paroxetine.


@clinic Paroxetine itself causes anxiety. For what are you taking Paroxetine?


does not causes anxiety to me. I take it for anxiety and ocd. it is an SSRI.


@clinic I myself take Paroxetine CR 25 mg tablets for OCD. It used to cause tremendous anxiety during the initial part of the treatement. I used to take Clonazepam 0.25 tabs to alleviate anxiety. Happy to note that it didn’t cause anxiety to you. Different people react differently to the same medicine.


Around here they usually give out antidepressants for anxiety.
Things such as lexapro, wellbutrine, etc.