I need to find a new medication for anxiety


Tomorrow I am going to buy a box of strong camomile tea, it is really helping me calm down and relax!

Right now I am taking 450 mg L Theanine mornings, 450 mg at noon and sometimes an extra 225 when feeling too stressed out. + I am combining it with 0.5 to 1 mg of Ativan Benzo daily evenings.

I am almost okay with this combination but wish I could just feel ‘normal’ for once.
Just like no stress. I am so stressed out for no reason. Anxious, uncomfortable with a constant nagging thought on my mind. Without L Theanine, I can not function. The intrusive thoughts are damaging me.

I tried Gabapentin and it did not work. I am waiting to see my doctor in January so I will try a new medication.

Has something helped with your intrusive thoughts?


Depakote made my anxiety normal and not disorder level severity anymore. Zoloft also worked well for my anxiety.


Propronalol is a beta blocker that treats high blood pressure, but it also works on anxiety for some people.


Buspar might help also


There are many different medications to reduce anxiety. Which one is best depends on your physical condition, medical history and how you deal with anxiety in general. Anxiety comes in different types - panic attacks, bad worrying, phobic fears, etc. In fact, anxiety comes with almost all psychiatric disorders in adults. Think of it like a symptom.

The most potent anti-anxiety medicines that are used much these days are the benzodiazepines such as Ativan, Xanax, and Klonopin. These meds are helpful but can be addictive over the long term. Several of the antidepressants are useful for anxiety, but work more gradually.


If you’re healthy enough to exercise then I recommend cardio exercise.

Is there a gym near you? Listen to music while cycling. Or join a dancing class.


I am doing yoga 3 x a week. It is intense and it is helping me a lot but sitting at home working, my mind never stops. It is constantly negative with hatred and intrusive thoughts all day. I can not escape it.


When did this start? Do you know who you hate?


I take lexapro for anxiety. It’s an antidepressant but it works wonders for anxiety.


I can’t have benzos because I became addicted; fortunately, Lexapro took most of my anxiety away.


yeah I hate a group of people who hurt me during my first time psychosis.
Honestly it should not bother me, it has been now, 7 years.

But the intense intrusive thoughts suddenly started one day in February 2015 and it never went away.
It was far too intense in the beginning, afterwards it made me talk to myself a lot on Latuda.

Now back on Geodon, I am a lot better but the intrusive thoughts never left me and I wish to feel ‘normal’ just like stay in the present moment with a normal mindset and not fight with myself all day.


I will call my doctor, leave a message and hope he prescribes me Lexapro.
I am currently taking Wellbutrin, maybe I can switch to that.



Intrusive thoughts are an anxiety disorder (OCD), so you may want to ask your pdoc about the SSRI luvox (fluvoxamine). You may also want to look into combining the medication with CBT.

You may want to limit caffeine and avoid alcohol.

I hope you feel better soon.


vistaril 100mg ?


Depakote … Depakote … and more Depakote.
Lessened my Anxiety considerably.

Ask your doctor about low doses (under 1000mg)


I left him a message, I took Ativan. I will start taking half a mg Ativan at noon every day until I get prescribed something. It is too much to handle every day.


It could be the ativan making ur anxiety worse. I just recently switched to klonopin and it’s way better, only need like .25-.5 and I’m good for like 3 days on one dosing.

I’ve heard good things about vistaril.


Yeah, Lexapro is good not only for depression symptoms but also general anxiety, panic attacks (at least for me). I’ve started on Buspar which seems to make things not so edgy. Also change in diet sometimes works too and adding a healthy exercise like meditation and stuff.
I used klonopin then valium for like 5 years. Sure it combats the negative side of anxiety, but it made me way too mellow and not energetic.


I am waiting for my doctor to prescribe me something.

I am waiting to get a call, I could really use something to help me stay a little happy and relaxed.
I am always at war in my mind.


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