What medication for anxiety


Oh, got some that once. Nervous and drowsey at the same time. Didnt sleep for 3 nights.
Could not get back to pdoc so just stopped using it after 3rd dose.

This medicine is proof to me that psych meds can affect people very differently. Some use it to go to sleep.


Thanks. I see my nurse tomorrow. I will mention these.


i have terrible anxiety too . but can you describe the anxiety a little more in detail. the ssris i have trioed but i got some side effects so i am going to try ayurveda they will be abit slow though


It seems to be general anxiety. I worry greatly about my health. Or I can be walking down the street and have overwhelming anxiety I am about to be hit by a car. Or be in the car and fear a car is about to plough into me.

Right now my anxiety has switched from my health to my dog. I’m so fearful something will happen to my dog that I’m getting OCD checking things over and over.

It’s also a feeling like something is about to happen. I forgot what you call that. But a sense of impending doom I think is what it’s called.


I take Klonipin 0.5 mg once a day for anxiety. It really works. I also take CBD 15 mg for anxiety once a day. That works too. I take the CBD in the morning and the Klonipin in the afternoon. I get the Klonipin from my pdoc and the CBD online.


Isn’t cbd oil to expensive almost 50 Buck’s for 10mg in in country. How long it gonna last me, I have anxiety preety bad sometimes.


okay that seems to be someting like panic disorder where a ssri/snri can help by increasing serotonin .i had both symptoms and found them goind down after taking effexor at around 150 mg but it had side effects like increase in bp and bad sexual feelings and sedtaion . so i have withdrawn and planning to take herbals instead. igenerlally would see some strorm on tv or an earthquake in paers and believe that it would happen in my city .though effexor helped with these the side effects wre also there


I take pristiq and it helps a ton. I also take propananol. Maybe try an Ssri or an snri like me. I also take a small dose of Seroquel or vistiral as needed when my anxiety peaks.


Propranolol helps me so much. I used to be overrun by anxiety. Now it’s almost gone. I also take Gabapentin and Depakote.


I’m gonna try pregabalin. Nothing worked for me previously…