What makes you hopeful?

If you feel like it write down something that makes you hopeful. Mine is science and the belief that I’ll live to see this disease reversed.


The hope that I’ve been through the worst of it and it can only get better.


That in the future humans may all be vegan and more cruelty free and good to each other and animals and the world and environment and thrive in love and peace n that there is plenty of vegan food for everyone so no one starves.


Never going to happen. I used to be vegan and I support the diet and what it stands for… but there will always be a large amount of meat eaters.


I’ve accomplished things I was told I couldn’t and have lived when I was told I wouldn’t. If I can do that I can probably do a bit more.


Yeah but they are growing meat in labarratories that are cruelty free so that’s a better option for those that eat meat.

Kinder to animals and environment and land use ,water etc


Won’t happen in my lifetime and it will likely be priced out of the reach of the poor when it does happen.

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I’m hopeful that my sanity is with me and my voices went away.

I felt so tortured 24/7 n only thing that eased me was being incredibly drunk of asleep.
Amazing I didn’t sleep all the time or become a alcoholic back then but I had insomnia.

Things got better for me.

It took a long time second after second minutes after minutes year after year but this moment in time I’m better than I was.
Thank God!


I’ve almost solved the work-from-home wealth equation.

The first $5-10k is a sticking point though. I’m slogging through ideas here.

Basically it’s a marketing agency. All I have to do is cold calls to businesses, and I hook them up with contractors. All digital, and passes the sniff test.

The course is $2k though.

This is a realistic no-money-beginner’s path to 5-6 figures a month.


Hopeful that employers are more friendly to the mentally ill

I keep living because few demands are made of me.

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I had a dream last night that I wanted a cold Coca Cola. I feel resentful today. I woke late and watched YouTube movies all day. Not every day is like this but I always take my sweet time to get started. I can see my improvement in the guitar and mandolin. I saw on Amazon a very small synthethizer I want. It fits in the palm of your hand! Looking forward to things like that keep me going.

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I hope for world peace one day.

I know it is a big hope but might as well dream big.

Why not?

Even if I’m dead when it arrives, better late than never.


I’m also hopeful to feel confident one day! :dizzy_face:


Faith. 151515151515

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I have no hope for a better future, I dread it, my dad is getting up there in the near death age and I can’t fathom how I am gonna live without him. I also hate meeting people so I I am hating the thought of his funeral, and meeting people when that inevitable day will dawn on me.

Seeing good things happen to the people I love.

I hoped for whirled peas.

I just love pea soup.


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That hopefully I’ll find a wife one day. I don’t even care about kids at this point. That would be nice, but I’m looking for a soul mate.

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