What do you guys feel about hope for change

I always have this hope of things getting better, but never really happens. I guess I think being “close to happiness” is worst then being “far in sadness”


I’ve seen my life get better over the years. And worse.


I too think for how long we need to wait

Happiness is a journey not a destination blah blah blah :blush:


Me too. I often wish things get better but I don’t think it’s getting better. I want to give up.

I wait too. My husband shakes his head and wonders when I will be “back”. I might never do that. Given up hope. I just try to do the best where I am at now. I don’t think about the future. Future just makes me sad. Thinking I will have to struggle with this for the rest of my life. Sometimes I wish I die by accident.

When I do reflect, the general movement has been down, down, down. I know from my training that SZA is rarely in permanent remission. I often dream of miracle healing but know what healing is done is more an outcome of hard work than miracle potions and dreams. I would say after my children were out of the house I have found little of the pervasive "I will survive " has gone.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi


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I’m a very hopeful person… sometimes hope keeps me going.


As a teenager all I wanted was to die. I want other stuff now too. That’s improvement! I work with teens now and sometimes one will come up to me and say what a bad day they’re having. I often say back “Oh, I just hate those bad days, and I’ve had so many of them! But I’ve had a bunch of good days too. They go like that. You’ll have some good days coming up too, I promise.”


Give up.Then next?

Yes… for me, things getting worse, is getting much much better.

Perhaps if I hope for things to get worse rather than better, then things will get better.
After all, whatever I have ever wanted, I never get, but instead I get the opposite.

I doubt if my life will get better materially. I doubt if my financial circumstances will improve, but there are aspects to my life that I think can get better. My life has its share of difficulty, but it isn’t totally bad.

I assumed this had something to do w/ Barak Obama when I read the title! :stuck_out_tongue:

I swing from being very optimistic about the future to being very pessimistic, but I guess that’s part of being bipolar. I’ve been this way since my early teens.

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