What makes iti-007 different then other antipsychotics?

I told my doctor about iti-007 and he said it wasn’t that much different from other atypicals out there like Latuda and he named a few others… so whats the big hype about this med then?

Very few side effects.

Almost no side effects and it seems to be a bit better for negative symptoms

I’m not buying into the Hype.

I’ll believe it when I see it.

The stage 3 clinical trials look reaaaalllyyy good for side effects.

About the same as the placebo…

But it still hasn’t completed phase 3 right? So we can’t be so sure it will have antipsychotic effects right or am I wrong?

Well, so far so good.

When is it coming out?

It has completed two phase three trials and is going through a third that will be finished mid this year.

It has showed reduction of positive and negative symptoms and the only major side effects happen if you up the dose way over 100mg, and then it only makes you drowsy.

I’m not totally buying in, but it looks promising.

Probably another 1-3 years, considering how the FDA review process goes and how many times they do phase three, the more you show it works the faster the FDA will approve it.

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Once again, as long as it doesn’t take my sex drive away like abilify and many other medications. Do you think in trials of iti-007 people would complain about not having to be able to enjoy sex. I hope it’s a good drug. I still hardly have sex and I’ve been off abilify for a year and a half and I’m still not 100% back, my sex drive is dead ffs. I’ll have to wait and see with 007. Maybe their onto something, or maybe it’s just another bs med that belongs in a bin, a toxic bin.

When you say you haven’t taken abilify for a year and a half does that mean u werent taking any meds at all during that time also or where u on something?

According to the following article, it is expected that ITI-007 will be out “mid-2016.”



Yeah, thats what I thought (heard)

very nice, I dont see it coming out that early, but if it does I’ll be very happy

The latest trial won’t be done until mid 2016.
Then an application has to be prepared and submitted.

A New Drug Application has not been submitted to FDA yet.
The FDA reviews application for 5-10 months.
The med could not be out before mid 2017, at the earliest, if all goes well.

Also the med had little side effects in a short trial, it could be different with long use. I hope its as good as hyped.