ITI-007 - potential new drug: too good to be true?


The sedation was less common with the 120mg dose compared to risperdal, and the 120mg dose was less effective than the 60mg dose, so you don’t want that dose anyway.


This still all sounds too good to be true. But roll on 2017! Thanks for spotting that medication for us @Daimon !!


As you can see in the corporate presentation in this link, based on my understanding according to blood work they were actually physically healthier on this medication compared to placebo, nonetheless risperdal, which wrecked havoc on their bodies.

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I believe this will be the med of choice by doctors in the future if the phase 3 trials correlated with the phase 2, especially for people experiencing early symptoms of psychosis, who normally would have non-compliance issues with traditional antipsychotics because of severe side effects. Hell, I know I would have been less reluctant to try a medication with such a low side effect profile that has no apparent links to illness and health decline.

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I’m getting my hopes up here. This sounds like it might be better than CBD.

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Just keeping my eyes opened, and tracking these new drugs to see how they do.

I am not going to blindly jump on to just any new AP.

If a drug causes a lot of Akathisia or Anxiety - then I probably won’t try it.


After being on Abilify for months I am very skeptical of any AP that they claim will reduce negative symptoms. Abilify was complete torture for me and I’d rather kill myself with a spoon than have to take Abilify every day. AFAIK no one claims CBD reduces negative symptoms (just that it doesn’t amplify them as much as with most APs) so I’m still hoping CBD will help me.

But if this ITI-007 doesn’t cause as much akathisia, restless leg syndrome and sleep disturbance as Abilify then maybe I will try it. But I’d have to make sure my doctor isn’t going on a vacation like when I got Abilify…

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This and cariprazine I’m keeping an eye on, gotta see how others respond to it before I dive in. I just hope it doesn’t cause sexual problems like abilify did, otherwise I could be promising… Fingers crossed


Abilify is very ■■■■■■ up bro. Also, no effect on prolactin in phase 2 trial, which means there is promise of little to no sexual side effects. I’m limited to 3 posts a thread, unless there is more discussion and then oddly enough sometimes I can still reply.

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Yes, cariprazine, Iti-007, and CBD are on my watch list. It’s a new dawn for schizophrenics!


Yes hopefully it’s a new dawn for us schizophrenics! I’m praying these newer medicines that are coming out have the ability to improve our lives, even if it’s a little bit, a big bit is also welcomed

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How long does phase 3 usually take and for it to be approved to take?

I tried searching but all I could find is something saying all 3 phases takes 10-15 years or more but couldn’t find anything else.

How long do you guys think before we can take this med?

“1 to 4 years”

See details here:

I hope this drug blows abilify away. I’m investing in the stock. Figure if it’s a blockbuster drug I’ll make 10-20 times on my money. If it’s not so good I’ll lose maybe 50%

This drugs actually blew my mind.

I will be taking the ■■■■ when it comes out. Geodon works at keeping me functional but it has some bull attached to it.

My blood pressure and heart rate are horrific and I have akathisia out the ass. I also have no sedation at night from Geodon and am jealous of those of us who takes meds which put them to sleep. I talk to myself for like two hours in bed and sometimes it goes wrong and escalates and then I become supremely agitated and then it’s desperate measures.

Would people say that medicines will become significantly better in the near future? I dont do much research in the med field so i dont know. But that “James Bond” med looks promising. I would take it. I hate akathisia also its a terrible feeling

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